How to take excellent care of your black hair

Date: 2018-10-19

You can take care of your beautiful hair from natural ingredients which are common in everyday life so you have strong hair and no damage then. Yet we refer to the secret to taking care of your hair effectively. These hair care tips are simple but effective.

Grapefruit for smooth hair

As a traditional shampoo, there is no doubt about the method of hair care with pomelo peel because it has contributed to creating a brand of long smooth hair of Vietnamese women. Grapefruit peel can store the most essential oil in grapefruit.

This oil has the ability to stimulate hair growth, nourish each hair follicle, and make hair beautiful and natural.

If you want to use this method to condition your hair, let’s follow these steps. First, you can separate fresh pomelo from grapefruit. Next, you cut them into small pieces and wash grapefruit peel then put them into boiling water. You can use that water for shampooing.

You can boil grapefruit peel with ingredients such as aroma, lavender, grapefruit … After washing you will feel more comfortable, relax and relieve stress for the scalp.

If there are many grapefruit peels, they can be dried in the sun and then carefully preserved to use gradually. With 3 times a week, you will feel shiny, glossy and clean.

Or after shampooing, you squeeze the grapefruit essential oil on your hair to keep your hair shiny, firm and smooth. This is especially effective for women after delivery. The oil in the pomelo peel will stimulate hair to grow faster and thicker

Soapberry for strong black hair

The soapberry contains 10% saponin, which is yellow, with the ability to foam with the main use which is anti-inflammatory, emulsifying and cleansing. According to the experience of the old women, soapberry has the use of avoiding dandruff, reducing hair loss and loss, stimulating hair growth, black and smooth hair.

First, you have to look for soapberry and dry them. You grate it dry until fragrant, yellow buds. You put the grilled bundles into a nylon bag, beat the crumbs and leave them in sealed containers for storage.

Now, some supermarkets sell soapberry straining bags, which are suitable for today’s busy lifestyle.

When you want to shampoo, take the baked roasted soapberry as in a cloth bag with drawcord (so waste is not attached to the hair). The amount of soapberry depends more or less on the thickness and length of the hair: about one fist for short to medium length hair. You can also add lemon peel or grapefruit peel.

You shampoo with water balm just massage your hair for 3-5 minutes. Similar to the grapefruit peel, you should apply this method of hair care no more than 3 times a week.

Two common ingredients can easily found at home. They are very effective to nourish and take care of your natural black hair.

If you own a short hair, let’s use an appropriate amount; and for long hair, can double the amount. Same as taking your real hair, you can use them for your hair extensions. Apohair is a very reliable company with providing a lot of high-quality hair extension products.

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