The best human hair extensions hairstyles for ablong face shape

Date: 2016-12-22

Having a long face means you have several options on what will work best for your face depending on your hair extension type.

  1. Short Hairstyles

first thing to remember is that the hairstyle should never add length to the oblong face. This means that extra long hairstyles, Vietnam Hair such as those that end beyond the shoulders, should be avoided.

Short hairstyles are the best suited for your face shape. A Bobs and layers virgin hair extensions style will look great on oblong faces. Bobs are better suited to you when short and graduated up the back rather then long bobs as they will add width to your face. Chin length bobs will also look great and highlight your jaw line showing off your bone structure.

Human hair extensions

However, not all short virgin hair extension hairstyles will look good on the oblong face. Short hairstyles that add volume or height to the head, such as the pixie crop and the spiky hair, will only make your face look even look longer.

Just remember the short hairstyles that suit you are those that add volume to the sides of the face and you will look more balanced and feel fabulous.

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