Date: 2018-08-28

 For those who are planning to choose for themself a type of human hair extension to create a new appearence should know the following information.

Today, in human hair market, there are many types of hair extensions for you to choose: Keratin hair extension, tape-in hair extension, clip-in hair extension, sew-in hair extensions or ponytail hair extension.

For the first one, keratin hair extension, also called as fusion or bonded hair extension is a method that each keratin-tipped strand is attached to your natural hair by using heat. There are some types of tips like I-tip, Nail (U)-tip, Flat-tip or V-tip but the most popular are I-tip and Flat-tip.

The second one, tape-in hair extension is a method in which we use double-side tape to attach human hair extension to your natural hair, the tape can also be easily remove by tape remover.

The third one, clip-in hair extension. The hair is sewn in a weft with clips on that. And it’s applied on the head by those clips. This method is considered as one of the most simpliest way to help your hair look fuller in one minute.

The fourth one, sew-in hair extension, this method may take more time because you need to braid your real hair first, and then sew the weft hair on that.

The last one, ponytail extension. With this method, the ponytail hair extension is tied on to cover your natural ponytial and help it look longer and fuller.

How to choose?

Finding a suitable human hair extension method will depend on your budget, your favorite and your hair style.

Bonded hair extension is the most expensive one which takes the most time to finish. Next is tape-in hair extension, it need about one hour for application process and the price is also more resonable. Clip-in or ponytail hair extension will be much cheaper and take less time to apply on head than other methods, you just need some minutes to do it.

For styling the hair, you can choose one style which is most suitable with your face shape and your fashion like straight, wavy or curly hair. Beside, you can also bleach or dye the hair to look more fashional.

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