Tips to hide regrowth

Date: 2018-09-11

They are eye catching colors but once your baby hair starts to grow, it can be very annoying. The fact is that you don’t have time to visit your hairdresser every time your hair root regrows. So in today’s article, we are going to guide you with some tips on hiding your regrowth and pretending that this really is your natural hair colour.


Wearing hat is a good thing because they’re your first weapon to hide your regrowth. At the same time, a hat can be a outstanding factor contributing to your outfit if you know how to mix and match. Truth be told that it sometimes takes a little bit of confidence to wear something different on your head. However, you only wear it to embrace your look and make it as an accessory to your entire look. Find a great shop and try on a bunch of hats until you find the one that you really like. We promise it won’t be the last hat you buy.

One problem I do find is that you sometimes have to remove your hat when you go inside. And your hair can look very messy. But if you choose a smaller hat, you can leave it on anywhere. And if you’re worried about hat hair, chec out our last article about hair tips to suit your hat.


An alternative accessory is a scarf. A scarf can do double duty and create an awesome hairstyle for you as well. You can try and wear it as a bandana style or wrapped around a bun, turban style. Either way looks great and helps to cover your regrowth. The best thing about a scarf or a bright accessory is that it draws attention away from your roots and people noticed the accessory instead.


If you are not familiar with wearing a hat or a scarf on your head, then this is the other ways to disguise these roots. There are many regrow hair hiding products available on the market coming with different forms such as powder, cream or spray. You can choose any kind that you want but make sure that you choose the matching color with your current dyed hair. While you can go for powder or cream products, we recommend the spray ones as it is convinient and quick to go.

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