Top 5 Beautiful Long Curly Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Date: 2018-07-13

For Summer 2018

Long curly Vietnamese hair extensions styles with small curls that are liked by young in recent years, especially girls are owning long straight hair. In addition to the curly hair extensions with big curls, these small curls will help girls to have a new choice to change the hairstyle and attract the look of others. If you are looking for the nice and new hairstyle, then you can not ignore this hairstyle.

1. Curly Vietnamese hair extensions with central parting in classical style

Long hair with elegant and classic central parting by curling slightly in hair tail is a perfect option for girls on the occasion of the New Year 2018. This hairstyle always brings the girl graceful and soft appearance, and especially help your girlfriend cheat a few ages. It is a perfect choice if you combine with slight curls in hair tail.

2. Slight curly hair extensions with gentle see-through bangs

The slight curly hair in the tail helps you to cheat a few ages, but it will especially younger when you combine with the see-through bangs hairstyle. Today, this hairstyle is very hot, when it combines with long curly Vietnamese hair in tail that brings you soft, feminine and graceful look. Moreover, with this hairstyle, you will become beautiful and outstanding lady wherever.

3. Long curly hair extensions with slant bangs

With this curly hair, you will become an elegant, noble and attractive lady with red or orange lip color. Besides, you also will get the soft, lovable and lovely look as a young lady with this curly hair with slant bangs. It creates fashion and feminine trend.

4. Be younger with fringe and slightly curly hair extensions

This fringe is very young and personal for girls, but it is softer and more graceful with slight curls in hair tail. This hairstyle helps your face more elegant, lovely and younger. It is not sophisticated or stylish but helps girls stand out and impress anywhere.


5. Ponytail for curly hair extensions

The elegant ponytail adds more seductive and sexy look with the slight curls in Vietnamese hair tail. The girl is bright and cute with this ponytail hairstyle. In addition, this simple hairstyle is also a perfect option for you to be more confident and beautiful in walking or partying.

With these 5 hairstyles, you will find that you are no longer boring with old long hairstyles, but it will be the gentle Vietnamese hair style that is suitable for all circumstances and more graceful with the costumes. Wish you success with the new look!


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