Transform yourselves with 20 inch tape hair extensions (p1)

Date: 2018-08-02

Our 20 inch tape hair extensions is made of from 100% Vietnam virgin hair which has never been chemically treated or styled. It is soft, smooth and shiny without nits, lice and insects. Especially, it will last for a very long time as long as it is cared correctly. The length of 20 inches is favorable to create many different hairstyles. Here are some of our suggestions.    

  1. High ponytail:

In fact, almost all girls with long hair have tried ponytail hairstyle at least once in their life. However, there is no doubt that ponytail with 20 inch Vietnam virgin hair brings us a feeling of youthfulness, freshness, modernity, personality and attractiveness which every girl wants to have. Ponytail hair is especially suitable for hot summer weather. Furthermore, it is a type of visual deceit because any girl with ponytail hair will look higher.

  1. Low ponytail

Low ponytail hairstyle is the  best suitable for a lazy day as it takes only few minutes to complete. However, it can bring delicate beauty to modern women with many different variations. This is the reason why low ponytail hairstyles appear in many fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week or Milan Fashion Week.

  1. Side swept

Side swept hairstyle is quite easy to form but it can make you look more attractive. To create a side swept hairstyle, you part your Vietnam hair just above the arch of your brown to form a side part, but avoid making tapes visible.

  1. One-side braid

Girls at any age can have one-side braid. The biggest advantage of this braiding hairstyle is that it can easily combine with different types of clothes. You just need to gather all your Vietnam virgin hair to one side and begin to braid depending on the style you want.

  1. Two-side braid

Who says that two-side braid is rustic? Two-side braid hairstyle has a power which can help you look a few years younger. It suits school, traveling and street walking. You are free to match two-side braid with different types of bangs such as see through bangs, side swept bangs, curly bangs, Maruko bangs and even braid without bangs. You surely will be so cute with 20 inch Vietnam virgin hair braid.

 (To be continued)

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