Trendy Vietnam Human hair that you must try- 2018

Date: 2018-07-06

Vietnam human hair-There is nothing more exciting than trying out the freshest trends and new styles of a new year. While last year’s platinum blonde and pixie cuts were all the rage, it’s officially one month in 2018 and we can’t wait to upgrade our trend with the latest styles.

We consulted some of the hottest fashion bloggers, celebrity hair stylists, and our most reputable sources to get the scoop on what Vietnam human hair trends and styles everyone will be obsessing over this season. Here’s our ultimate hair guide to Vietnam human hair trends in 2018 and how to pull off each look:

Big Natural Curls

2017 was all about embracing your natural texture and that trend is here to stay. Curly girls, this is your moment!

Leave your relaxer at home and embark on your damage-free hair journey. Our tip for rocking this trend: avoid brushing your hair when styling to help preserve the shape of your natural curls.

Coffee balayage

There’s a new balayage in town and we’re loving the concept! Coffee balayage mimics the usual technique but using coffee colour from the dark espresso to the soft latte shades, combining to make this glossy bob a tonal dream.

Gem roots is the current Instagram-trend fulfilling our crystal-obsessed dreams. From magenta to pastel shades of green and pink and silvery blonde ends, it sounds like it shouldn’t work but OH, it does.

Wet-look waves

A look that won’t be ruined in the rain! But it does take some talent to perfect – start by curling your Vietnam human hair in different directions, then run a generous amount of treatment oil through your lengths and finish with a soft wax for hold and shine.

Sleek low ponytails

The perfect second or third day hairdo. Use your natural oils to sleekly comb back your strands and tie tightly at the nape of your neck. Smooth your ends with a serum for an extra glossy finish.

High retro ponytails

Leek in the front and volume in the back. The higher and more voluminous you can make your ponytail for this look, the better. It’s an ideal style for getting extra wear from your curls or blow-dry.

Blunt Lob

The unofficial haircut of the last couple of years has been the lob with blunt ends. This is the natural evolution of that cut. The key to it? The internal layers, which give it that wispy, streamlined look. The best part is that it’s super versatile and works with every Vietnam human hair texture.

Soft Undercut

This cut sounds cool but complicated—which is only half true. “A soft undercut is the precise removal of bulk at the bottom of the hair,” says celebrity stylist. Because this cut is a little more involved (you’re essentially getting rid of extra hair that’s weighing your whole hairstyle down).

Long Layers-Vietnam human hair

If you’re looking keep length, consider switching up your style without losing inches by adding a couple of seamless layers. “We’re now seeing a longer cut with tons of disconnected layers,” says Townsend.


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