Date: 2018-09-21

Taking care of hair is very important as it makes your hair healthier and stronger. A lot of women have struggled with their bad hair everyday. They feel less attractive and lose confident because it it. If you know some of these tips, you will definitely have a better hair which looks just stunning and gorgeous.

  1. Brushing

You will say that it’s too old but this tip is very important. If you do not know how to brush your hair, then come to a shop and buy an extension brush which is particularly used for human hair extension. Your hair will be damaged and felt off if you try to comb it with a normal brush, so do not confuse to get one right then. Or instead of using a comb, you can also use your fingers to free the tangle hair.

  1. Using shampoo

Choosing a light and friendly shampoo with hair extension is very important. You should not choose any shampoo which contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) because it can seriously broke the hair, especially for the bonds hair. Besides, you should not your hair too much if it’s unesessary.

  1. Washing

For  human hair extension, you should wash it with a shower and make sure that you are standing up when washing to avoid causing the hair tangle. In addition, you should notice about the temperature of the water. You should wash your hair extension with cold water, this will help tight and close the pores, bring you a healthy and soft hair. After washing, you can use conditioner to make the hair smoothier, you should only use it for the end of the hair, do not let the conditioner attach to the root.

  1. Drying

If you use tape-in or tip keratin hair extenison, it’s very important to keep the root dry. After washing, you should use a fan or dryer to dry the root right then. You can let the hair end dry naturally but do not do the same with the hair root.

  1. Caring at the salon

It’s common for everyone if you feel a little ichy when you get a new set of human hair extension. It will take time to make your head getting used to them, then do not worry, if you feel uncomfortable, you can come to your salon and tell your hair dresser to deal with it. Or sometime, you will need to give them a wash or a special care at the salon.

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