Haircut Regret: How to Avoid It

Date: 2018-02-07

Admit it that haircut regret happens to everyone at least once. That’s the worst thing that you can imagine because you will not want to wear a scarf or a hat the entire day trying to hide Vietnam hair. However, do you know that only with a few simple steps, you can avoid haircut regret and the pain of an awkward growing out phase?


 Vietnam hair- Haircut Regret: How to Avoid It

When you are in this situation, the safest way that you should do is to visit a new stylist to deal with a hate-able haircut. You should consult his advice when you are making an appointment with your new hair stylist by describing your current problem and what you expect from your new hairstylist such as hairstyle, color, bangs, etc. Additionally, don’t forget to read reviews and ask friends about their experiences at a particular salon so that you will not have to worry too much. Your new stylist won’t judge you for what you’ve done to your Vietnam hair in the past – but they definitely need to know the whole story to make the right decision for you.


When you describe your hairstyle, words might be not enough to do the job. As a matter of fact, avoid hating your haircut by bringing a picture of the style you envision. A picture can be a visual way for the stylist to provide expertise, like whether or not the hairstyle in question works with your face shape. And more importantly, a photo is great to describe the exact color that you desire for.


Vietnam hair- Haircut Regret: How to Avoid It -2

Actually, in order to achieve a specific hairstyle like those of models on the magazine photos, it depends on a lot of your hair texture. Not all hair textures can produce an expected hairstyle; however, a good professor still knows what your texture is capable of. Also, as mentioned earlier, go for a reliable place to get your Vietnam hair fixed or done. Ask your new stylist to talk to you about the texture of your hair and their plan for the cut. A good stylist will be able to walk you through the whole thing before a strand is snipped.


Vietnam hair- Haircut Regret: How to Avoid It -2

At the end of the day, even you are with a good hairstylist, you should also really think about what you want and expect. Before that day, discuss clearly with your hairstylist about your expectation and also speak up during the process if you think this product or hair tool is not suitable for your hair. The thing here is that you are the one who understand your hair the most and you know what is the best for its sake. Therefore, never hesitate to speak up!
So, above are some suggestions that you should know in order to prevent bad hair situation after turning your chair around in the salon. Knowing and understanding Vietnam hair is the key to pull off the best hairstyle for your fabulous appearance.

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