Date: 2018-07-02

As a significant amount of vietnam human hair extensions are not 100% remy (it’s usually a mixture of remy and non-remy), it’s possible for many people to come across non-remy weave hair at some point, especially as non-remy weave hair is available in the exact same textures as remy weave hair extensions and if you do, here’s how to care for it.So now we will show you the best taking-care methods of Vietnam non-remy hair in order that you may feel satisfied with this product.

Don’t brush your hair right after your shower. When your hair is wet, the hair follicles are still too vulnerable to be touched.

Before shampooing your hair after the non-remy extensions have been applied, wait two days. This can supply the connecting substances to have the chance to set up.Shampoo or conditioner the hair every single 2-3 days and nights. Excessively cleaning can quicken the break up of the bonds.

Use a mild, non-sulfate shampoo or conditioner in your hair. Sulfate will disintegrate the connecting agent and cause the extensions to drop out. Before shampooing, always make detangle your hair.

If you have sewn-in non-remy hair weave extensions then the care guidance found sew in hair weave can be followed, along with using silicone based styling products to ensure that the hair retains its lustre and sheen.

Keep the hair moisturised daily with oil free sprays or moisturizers without mineral oils. There are plenty of plant-derived oils for hair that will help nourish and strengthen the hair.

Use a hydrating conditioner for the suggestions of the hair extensions. Keep the root of your extensions out of the conditioner,for the non-remy hair extensions are made of natural hair. To keep the ends from breaking off, you should always keep the water inside your hair ends and keep moist, do not let it dry out.

Care for and maintain glue in non vietnam remy hair. Use a water based moisturizer (free from mineral oil) on a regular basis. If it’s a cream moisturizer, use your fingers to apply a small amount to your own growth hair in between the glued tracks (if needed – not all hair is dry).Always apply less than you think you’ll need because as a wise woman once said “You can always add but you can’t take away.”  Although this was in reference to an overly liberal use of salt in cooking – the principle applies here.

Steer clear of the cause place when you use warming equipment on your own extensions. The non-remy extensions will absord the heat. It might reduce the lifestyle of the extension if it is put under the heated tools.

So here are some tips that could help you take advantage of non remy hair perfectly. Hope you enjoy it!

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