How to use salt for dandruff

Date: 2018-07-26

Dandruff is a common Vietnam remy hair and scalp problem which causes flake of skin and intense itching. Getting rid of dandruff is always the primary concern of many sisters because hair with dandruff can make them lose all of their self-confidence.

Don’t worry. We will show you 2 ways to treat dandruff with salt right at home.

Although being cheap, sea salt is an extremely important ingredient in our life. Not only is salt for culinary uses to make the food tasty but it is also useful in treatment of many diseases related to bacterial and fungal infections. Dandruff is one of them.


  1. Use salt only:

– Step 1: Make sure your Vietnam remy hair is dry. Take 2 tablespoons of salt to sprinkle on your Vietnam remy hair.

– Step 2: Gently massage the scalp with salt. During the process of massage, dandruff will be easily removed since salt is highly corrosive.

– Step 3: After massaging for about 15-20 minutes, wash your Vietnam hair clearly with water.

  1. Use the mixture of salt and potassium alum:

– Step 1: Prepare salt and potassium alum readily. While salt is considered as a highly natural disinfectant, potassium alum plays a very important role in neutralizing the pH level of your hair and scalp.

– Step 2: Dissolve the mixture of salt and potassium alum in the suitable amount of water.

– Step 3: Mix the dissolved mixture above with your shampoo to wash your Vietnam remy hair then rinse it off with water.

Do not hesitate to try out these 2 simple but effective remedies to defeat dandruff with salt. Dandruff will be removed from your Vietnam remy hair quickly.

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