Vietnam virgin hair

Date: 2015-08-17

Vietnamese people have a famous proverb: “Hair is an important part of human body”. Vietnamese girls and women prefer using various herbs from mountains and forests to take care of their hair; therefore, Vietnamese hair is usually assessed to be smooth, healthy and shiny.
Apohair Vietnam is proud of being the top company in supplying Vietnamese human hair for many years in Vietnam. We popularize not only Vietnamese human hair but also Vietnamese women’s beauty all over the world. The image of a Vietnamese girl with long hair and Ao Dai has become the symbol of Vietnam. It is undeniable that any women desire to have such beauty, and hair plays a significant role in making this dream come true.

vietnam virgin hair

vietnam virgin hair

Understanding deeply the desire of women around the world, Apohair always offer customers the best quality of hair and service. The products we supply are 100% natural vietnam virgin hair without chemical, live or insect . Apo’s hair is assessed to be much better than other countries by 99% of customers. We have got opportunities to export to over 30 countries all over the world such as United States, UK, Brazil, Spain, Nigeria, Colombia, Germany, etc. The feeling of satisfied from customers is our target slogan in business.


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