Vietnamese Women’s day, 20th October

Date: 2018-10-23

As you probably know that there is one day in a year on which we honor the women for their contribution to the prospect of the world. It is 8th March. On this day, women are believed to be the priority in everything that they do. Their friends and family also take good care of them on this day.

In Vietnam, we also have another day to honor Vietnamese Women, that is 20th October. This is the chance for the strong gender of the world show their affection to women. Women all over the country will be given gifts, flowers and best wishes from their aquantances.

In our company, a big party has been prepared.

From the early morning of the day, there have been flowers and gifts from the directors to the staffs.  We care about our staffs who have been working very hard for the company.

At 11 o’clock that day, all members of the company will go out for lunch party together. At the party, we share food, drinks and talk to each other.

As a matter of fact, the board of director will deliver a speech in which he gives his best wishes to all of his staff and hope for better developments for the company.

Everybody seems to have a good time together. They chat, they laugh and eat together. So exciting.

In our company, this is not the only time in the year that everyone gathers together. In fact, we hold quite a lot of parties for the staffs such as birthday parties, monthly parties, end-year party and so on. We strongly believe that giving everyone a comfortable workplace in which everyone has the chance to show their strength will boost the company up.

When people feel relax and know more about one another, they will work more effectively and enthusiastically.

Let’s see the moments that we share together!

Everyone cheers!

Lunch time!

Boss and staffs

Let’s sing together!

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