Ways to Deal with a Bad Haircut

Date: 2018-03-30

Too Short-Vietnamese hair


The quick fix: Fire up your flatiron. Heat will stretch and smooth vietnamese hair, giving the illusion of more length. If you’re desperate for a few extra inches and don’t mind investing the time and money, try clip-in hair extensions.

Bangs—When You Didn’t Want Them


Let hair accessories be your saving grace. Use bobby pins to pin back and tame unruly bangs, or tie a scarf around the crown of your head like a headband playing with the width and placement to keep bangs under cover. To help bangs appear longer as they grow out, hold your blow-dryer above them and blow straight down. While your Vietnamese hair is still warm, use your hand to hold the bangs flat against your forehead for a few seconds.

A Lopsided Cut


If one side is longer than the other but you didn’t ask for an asymmetrical haircut resist the urge to pick up the scissors yourself. Call your salon and set up a time to have them fix their mistake free of charge.

For now, let your flatiron take some time off. Straightening Vietnamese hair will highlight unevenness. If you don’t have natural curls, create soft waves with a curling iron to disguise imperfections until you can see a stylist.

Braids Are Best

Braids everything. If you haven’t mastered French braiding or the fishtail braid yet, now is the time. You can have bangs, layers, or length with a good braid style.

Become BFFs With Headbands


Big headbands look great on everyone and can cover up those annoying short layers that simply won’t reach all the way to your bun.

Unfortunately, you’re stuck with this cut until your vietnamese hair grows out. Make the best of it by trying new styles, products or tools. Don’t be afraid to dust off the crimper that’s been hiding under your bathroom cabinet for a decade.

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