12 inch hair extensions – the beauty of medium length hairstyles

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It’s safe to say that choosing the length of your hair extensions is the most dilemmatic problem when it comes to deciding which set of extensions you should have next. Once you got the wrong hair length – your hair will turn into something “only your mother could love”. With that being said, as we’re as well obsessed about hair, APO Hair’s writers have gathered and come up with this post – where we dig deeper to hair extensions at different lengths. And our topic for today’s post is the 12-inch hair extensions – one of the most popular choices on the hair market nowadays. As it’s gonna be a long post, make sure that you scroll down till the end to get the least ideas about the 12 inches hair extensions as well as whether it would be your match made in heaven.

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And if you’re still new to the hair industry or have some doubts about hair extensions. Well, let me tell you this: Hair extensions are great – they’re pretty, they’re versatile, and they’re nowhere near as complicated as many of you’d think. So, girls, it’s time you rethink about hair extensions and get some. I mean…look at all those hair tutorials online. Do you really think that they use their own hair to get that beautiful lock?

What’re Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions, or artificial hair integrations, are understood as wefts of hair used as a way to add volume and length. The hair extensions industry is now growing at a skyrocket pace as they have the ability to change your appearance instantly without making it unnatural.

There are 2 basic types of hair for extensions– synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair extensions, some call it as artificial hairs, are hair that is made of synthetic polymer, which is manufactured into fine plastic fibers that look like human hair. This choice of hair is normally cheaper, as the polymer is very easy to compose, yet it is not as a desirable option as the other one. Due to its much better quality and a more natural-looking appearance, it goes without saying that, even though being rather costly, human hair extensions are of people’s preference.

Hair extensions come in not only one but a lot of forms. As we stated above, the field of hair extensions producing has developed like a rocket ship over the last decade. And to that happened, original forms of the hair integration have been multiplied into an unexpected number of options to go for.

The 12 inches hair extension is one of the most common hair lengths to go for, as it can not only be flattering on all shapes of faces but can also give off an unexpectedly effortless, youthful, yet energetic vibe. As the 12 inches hair can reach the chin or longer or sometimes shoulder-length hair, it’s considered a perfect compromise for any girl, even the busiest ones.

Types of 12 Inches Hair Extensions

Depending on how long you want to have your extensions, hair extensions are currently divided into 3 main types, basing on the methods you use to apply:


Going for the temporary method meaning that you’re about to have your hair extensions being taken off right after each time you use it. When opting for the method, you will probably want to have a clip-in or a set of the 12 inches hair weave.

12 Inches Clip-Ins

12 inch clip in hair extensions

It’s no secret that the clip-in hair extensions are super common among the beauty community, as it is one of the easiest and safest way of adding volume and length. The piece comes with clips attached to it, and the only thing you need is to clip it on your own hair. A piece of 12 inches clip-in will reach your chin or longer sometimes will transform into your shoulder-length hair. Having said that, it’s quite an effort to make your clip-in rest on your lock naturally, as there might be puffs if you don’t apply the piece properly.

12 Inches Weaves

Weaves can be understood as wefts that are sewn onto your braided hair. It was back to 3000 years B.C. when inhabitants in Egypt started to use beeswax to attach human hair and even wool to their heads that the hair extensions come into usage. Instead of covering all over your head, a weave is directly applied to your natural tresses to accentuate them. A weave’s lifespan is a bit longer than that of its famous counterpart – the clip-ins – which are meant to be taken off every day, you can have your hair weave in several weeks without having to remove it daily.

As it can only reach one’s shoulders, the 12 inches hair weaves are very convenient choices that can reduce the stress from your busy life, as you will no longer have to take care of and style your hair every day.


When opting for a semi-permanent method, you’re expecting a set of hair extensions that can last from 6-8 weeks in a row. Again, the weaves, and another type – the tape-ins, are the most popular options for this method of applying hair extensions.

12 Inches Tape-Ins

12 inch Tape hair Romantic curly Brown color

Tape-ins hair extensions, quite similar to the clip-in, are wefts that are put into even smaller sections, in comparison to the clip-ins. Tape hair extensions are a new type of hair extension that is on-trend on the market at the moment. Thanks to it being 100% natural hair, with no tools or chemicals required, with the lifespan can up to 2 months, and its ability to be reused, the tape hair extension is the most requested hair extension method in salons worldwide in 2019. Besides, just so you know, it only takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with zero damage when you choose the tape-in hair extensions.

12 Inches Weaves 

As we have said before, up to this point, the hair weaves are still of women’s favorite, as it brings stunning locks to them. Being the ideal option for mimicking the hairlines, the 12 inches hair weave started to receive the fame it deserves for giving out such well-blended realistic looks.


Hair extensions that use the permanent method are rather complicated, as they will usually be added strand by strand. By doing this, the hairs can stay on the natural tresses for a long period, months if properly taken care of. Micro rings and micro bonds are the two types of hair extensions that meet the requirement of this method.

12 Inches Micro Rings (Micro Loops)

Micro ring hair extensions are a very effective way of applying hair extensions, as they can add extra volume as well as length to one’s lock. The rings for this type of hair are, most times, made of either aluminum or resin and lined with silicone to hold the hairpieces on your wefts. The micro rings hair extensions are very natural, in other words, it is almost completely undetectable whether you are having your hair up or down when you have the micro rings extensions. However, since it’ll be worn on your hair for a relatively long time, you’ll need to be super cautious when choosing your hair care products as well as when making up your hair care schedule.

12 Inches Micro Bonds (Glue-Ins)

Just as the name, micro bonds, or the glue-in hair extensions, contain a layer of keratin on it so that you can melt it when applying the hair. A micro-bonds hairpiece will be applied on the strand by using ultrasonic waves in the extremely hot heat, which will melt down the keratin line and attach it to the hair shaft. Just like the micro rings hair extensions, glue-ins are put on your hair strand by strand as each package of micro bonds is normally consists of 100 pieces, in correspondence to 100 strands of yours.

Why Need Hair Extensions? 

We thought that you may be wondering why would one need to use hair extensions, that’s why we have done some research and found out some of the most common answers why a girl finds it important to have hair extensions. Let’s see if you are convinced enough:

  • Longer and thicker hair can keep you warm in the winter, protects your scalp from the sunlight in the summer, and goes well with hats.
  • It shows off your variety in styles.
  • You can dye your hair without damaging your natural hair.
  • It allows you to try more hairstyles.
  • The more hair you have, the more feminine you look.
  • It boosts your confidence up to the next level.

Hairstyles for the 12 Inches Hair Extensions

It’s safe to say that medium length hair goes well with any styles. Rather than to add length to your personal tresses, 12-inch hair extensions offer a fuller, thicker-looking hair without creating fusses. This is not to mention shoulder-length extensions can also buy you extra times for other tasks, as you won’t need to either have regular cuts as for short hair or spend hours to do hair care as you have to for a long lock. It can be said that the 12 inches hair extensions are the ideal pick that will drive your busy life. So what hairstyles are to go for after getting the 12 inches hair extensions? Let’s check them out!

Long Bob

If you’re looking for a great hairstyle for the 12-inch extensions, there’s no reason that you miss out on this stunning long bob hairdo. In case you didn’t notice this, the long bobs have been in the hall of fame for years, and it is not likely they’ll go out of the map any time soon. You see, even Hollywood stars like the beautiful former Disney Princess Selena Gomez are all having the big bob chop this year.

Colored Blends

Another trendy hairstyle for 12-inch extensions is the colored blended hair extensions. Chemical processes have always of the most common concern, but seem like you can now be off the cliff; as soon as we have our extensions with us. Thanks to the invention of hair extensions, we can now go for any hairstyles without worrying about damages and breakages appear on your tresses.

12 inch hairstyle

That we now have the hair extensions come into protection, you can feel free to dye your hair into any color you’ve been dying to try. You know what? I’ve always dreamed of a pastel, unicorn-like blends hairdo. The absolutely amazing mixture of pastel colors with the sleek, silky strands will bring you back on the time when you’re still dreaming of becoming a princess living in the wonderland.

As for those cool kids out there, who are in love with the basics, try the high contrast black and brighter color hair. Pretty sure that it will be mind-blowing seeing how these colors work so well together. Imagine having some blonde hues added randomly on the black tresses, and you’ll get an extra-dimensional balayage hairstyle for your extensions.

Layered Cuts

To be honest, layered cuts are perfect! You can have this hairstyle at any hair length to your liking. For the 12 inches hair, be sure that you have the first layer hits at the jaw before flowing down softly. By doing this, the hair will complement your face frame as well as draw attention away from your “unattractive” features on the face. After having your hair cut, what you should do is to grab your loop brush and hairdryer; heat-drying the layers until they completely frame your face line. You can also opt for extra texture using the curling wand or leave it as your natural hair.

Blunt Lob

For a chin to shoulder-length hairstyle, the blunt lobs are just what you need. The cut is not only super stylish but also flattering on anyone with any face shapes – from the round to ovals. You might want to have your hair fall all at one length so that the lock can look somewhat edgy yet still effortless and energetic. To maintain your cut, go for some straightening hair products, hair oils, and soothing serum to get your extensions the nourishment it needs and to keep them as long-lasting as possible.

Choppy Layers

Layered cuts are always known to be “national hairstyle”. And there is, obviously, a reason for that. Layered chops are super easy to achieve, still, super low in maintenance. The choppy layered cut is one of the most creative and unique upgrades of this hairstyle thanks to the fact that the chunky hair is not at all alike normal seamlessly transition layers. This ends up giving you a funky and fun look.

Face-framing Layers

Well, if chubby-face and double chin girls are still not satisfied with the suggested hairstyles above, you will absolutely in love with this hairstyle. The face-framing layers are meant to balance out your face shape yet still manage to cover the cheekiness. You may want to have a lot of layers around your face line. This, indeed, is a super try-worthy hairstyle for not only chubby face girls, of course, but also others wanting to draw attention away from their “faint” features on the faces.

How to Take Care of the 12 Inches Hair Extensions

While synthetic hairs won’t take you too much time to care for them, the 12 inches human hair extensions require much effort to keep them last as long as they’re supposed to, or else they can even end up damaging your own hair. One reason that human hair weaves involve a lot of hair care rituals is that they are actual human hair that is extracted from the host. Therefore, the extensions won’t be able to get the natural oils which play the role of nourishing the tresses. That’s why proper cares are of the ultimate need for your extensions.

Always Use Heat Protectants

It’s unavoidable to style your weaves – that’s the main reason why we got the hair extensions, right? But with human hair extensions, if you really want to keep it long-lasting, you’ll want to style them with care. Hairdryer, straightener, or any heat styling products suck all the moisture out of the strands, and with that happens, the heat protectant is what you really need. Always spray a fine layer of the heat protectant before you’re to use any heat product on your extensions, or when you’re going to expose to the intense light of the Sun. If possible, try to minimize heat exposures to your hair extensions and set your blow-dryer at a cool setting instead of higher heat levels when drying your hair.

Store your 12 Inches Extensions Carefully   

12 inches hair extensions or any hair length with any hair diameter needs to be properly stored. You won’t want to just rip your extensions off your scalp and throw them in any corner of your room. What you want is to treat them with care and love – just like with your own lock. It’s recommendable that you store them in a box or in a specially designed bag for hair extensions. Also, make sure that you place them down gently, detangled, and not in piles.

Brush your Hair with Patience

Hair extensions, especially curly hair, are exceptionally easy to get tangled, as the essential oils that smoothen your hairs won’t reach your extensions. For that reason, a fixed brushing routine is a must. Loop brushes are one pick for your weaves. To brush your hair properly, be as gentle and subtle as you can. Pick up wefts of your hair with one hand and brush softly from the ends with your other hand, then work your way up to the roots and toward the scalp. Don’t try to brush it any other way but downward to preserve your hair’s natural direction. It is best that you brush your hair extensions twice a day to keep them in their best condition.

Choose your Hair Care Products

As we’ve mentioned a lot of times in our posts, it is vital that you supply enough hydration and nutrients to keep your extensions up in use. Apart from deep conditioning, you may want to use extra oils and nourishing creams so that the hair would stay in its best state. Make sure to shampoo your 12 inches extensions twice per week to keep them clean and nourished. Avoid over washing, especially to newly bought extensions, because once you harsh washing them, your 12 inches extensions can immediately get fuzzy, frazzled and later go bad.

APO Hair’s 12 Inches Hair Extensions

Hair quality

At APOHAIR, we sell 100% Vietnamese Remy Human Hair 12 inches extension in packages – 100 grams each. In fact, a single pack of 12 inches hair extensions is already more than enough for you to get a drastic change in appearance. We’re currently having 2 main types of 12-inch hair extensions – bulk, weave/weft/sew-in hair, clip-in, tape-in

apohair hair extensions

Unlike any other counterparts, APO Hair Vietnamese Remy hair wholesale won’t ever go for artificial or non-Remy hair, as we believe these extensions does not do any good for our customers. Instead, we seek the best quality hair and create the most carefully processed hair extensions. If you consider having 12-inch hair extensions, you can rest assured to choose our company as your reliable hair supplier.

Textures & Colors

Back to the 12-inch hair extensions, these extensions will come in the same standards as stated above. There are now 12 main textures of the 12 inches extensions available at APO Hair – Kinky, Yaki, Natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy, Water Body Wavy, Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, and Romantic Curly – which are classified into 3 categories: straight, wavy, and curly.

It can be denied that black or brown is always the most suitable color for almost all events. However, sometimes, you also need to stand out in some events such as proms or parties. So, the blonde would be the ideal color for you. There are many shades in the blonde color for you to choose: #5Q, #6C, #9C, #12C, #18C, #8H. See more APOHAIR’s 12 inch hair extensions variations

If you’re experiencing thinning hair, or have you accidentally had your blunt cut went wrong, then the 12 inches extensions from Apohair are the one for you. Contact us right now to get the latest hair products as well as interesting promotion programs. What’s more, if you get the hair extensions from Apohair, you’ll be able to custom your own size and color for your extensions that can flexibly adjust to match your fit.