7 Gorgeous and stylish hairstyles for Christmas and New Year Eve

After a whole year with work and duty, Christmas and New Year Eve are really the most long-awaited holidays for most people. Celebrating everywhere, at work, at school, in the family circle or partying with friends, you certainly want to have a new appearance and look special. A lovely hairstyle that really flatters can be a suitable option. In addition, it should be chosen as carefully as your outfit. This blog post is the list of the most gorgeous and stylish hairstyles for Christmas and New Year Eve that are going to brighten your holidays and make them even more remarkable.

Textured Middle Bun

Here is perhaps one of the best and cutest hairstyles for every Christmas parties. This chic updo brings the perfect amount of holiday festive and romantic. To achieve this look, the hair is tousled and shaped into an airy bun with a messy feel. Finally, the style is finished with a tendril escaping one side and a sparkly hair accessory that’s perfect for the holiday and wakes up Christmas vibes.

Long Bob with Side Braid

To women, the hairstyle possibilities are endless, and not only does it concern casual hairstyles but pretty holiday hairdos as well. This hairstyle is more casual than you would expect a party haircut to be, but it is still incredibly chic. Here, you have a hairstyle for Christmas and New Year Eve with slightly tousled long Bob that is gracefully accentuated with the presence of a delicate side braid.

Blonde Fishtailed Crown

Braided crowns are one of the most favorite hairstyles of the moment, and they are definitely going to be more popular into 2020. This pretty, blonde version is skillfully executed and styled to perfection, making it great when joining in any holiday activities. The dainty yet sparkly hair accessory placed in front is really the added highlight of the updo that makes it unique.

Low Twisted Chignon

“Chic”, “elegant” and “pretty” are the best words to describe this – one of the most lovely updo hairstyles for Christmas and New Year Eve. Here, you are ready for it – a chignon that is worn at the nape of the neck while the front is lightly twisted on the side. If you applied it, the rest of the hair is very sleek and polished, which is the perfect canvas for the simple silver headband pushed towards the crown.

Messy Faux Bob

Bring the retro style of the 1920s to your holiday space and party and give this Great Gatsby-inspired ‘do a try. For a hairstyle for Christmas and New Year Eve, a faux Bob is created by pinning textured locks under and leaving a few wisps of hair out for a cute undone look. To complete this gorgeous look, remember to add an embellished headband featuring rhinestones or feathers.

Side Braid and Wavy Pony

Have you ever been curious about the greatest thing about a well-placed braid? It is probably that it can transform even the most understated hairstyle into something truly gorgeous. To get this stunning look, the extremely long wavy pony is worn to the side and combined with a half-braided crown, also placed on the same side. In addition, the crown is lightly teased for added height and a nice element of drama.

Low Knot with Side Twists

You could be considering so many pretty hairstyles for Christmas and New Year Eve, but you simply can’t pass by this gorgeous and sophisticated updo. Featuring a collection of side flat twists that are fed into a low bun, this hairstyle is really a completely different way to wear your hair for Christmas parties. However, don’t forget that the focal points of the look are the multi-colored, bejeweled ear cuff and the matching hair accessory that leads towards the bun, so remember to pay attention to them.

Hairstyles Christmas and New Year Eve are varied depending on your demand: simple or elegant, short or long, curly or straight… Experiment with hair accessories and try to find out a great hairstyle that will be in harmony with your outfit. Feel free to be creative and even have a bit extravagant if you are in the mood. Winter holidays – Christmas and New Year Eve are the most impropriate occasion to express yourself in bright sparkly looks!


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