7 smart tips to make your short brown wig as natural as possible

A short brown wig is an optimal solution to girls who love experiencing new short hairstyle. However, buying a good wig is never easy and it’s even much more difficult to install it, especially for newcomers. Nowadays, there are many different types of wigs in the hair market but sadly, not all of us know how to successfully install them. Today APOHAIR will share with you secrets to make your short brown wig as natural as possible.

What is a short brown wig?

7 smart tips to make your short brown wig as natural as possible


Short brown wig refers to the type of wig that is designed in brown color. The emergence of short wig proves that the demand for short hair extensions is more and more increasing. However, purchasing a good quality wig is just the very first step. To achieve a perfect look, you also need to be skillful in the installation of a wig. Follow 7 tips below to get your desired look with a nice short brown wig.

You can choose any among short brown straight wig, short brown curly wig or short brown wavy wig. In terms of hair colors, brown has two key tones that are dark brown and light brow.

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7 tips to achieve the most natural look with short brown wig

Tip 1: Choose your wig style

Short brown hair wig includes many different styles. However, not all of them suit you. There are a few questions to ask yourself before spending money on the wig: Do I want to wear my wig in different styles? Will I take it off every night? Do I want to apply the leave out method for my new wig? The answers to these questions will help you come up with the best decision for the wig you should buy.

7 smart tips to make your short brown wig as natural as possible

Let us give you an example. If you want to leave some of your hair out at the front, short brown hair wig with clips at the hairline is good. It is easy to slip on and off every morning. Also, you can choose a U-part wig, which owns a cut-out around a middle or side part.

In case you want to hide your natural hair, a full-lace piece of short brown wig is recommended. Another possible option is a lace front wig, which gets a layer of lace just around the hairline.

Tip 2: Take your measurements

7 smart tips to make your short brown wig as natural as possible

Remember, wigs have different size options. That requires you to spend a few minutes measuring your head to get a wig cap that fits. This step, of course, needs to be done before your ordering. A cap that is too small can’t fit and the one that is too big can’t be secure.

Use a cloth measuring tape to measure a cap that fits your head. If possible, make sure your hair is styled flat for accuracy. Also, don’t forget to use the tape to measure your head’s circumference, the distance from hairline to nape, ear to ear and nape to nape.

Tip 3: Pluck it up

Plucking the hair is one of the most effective ways you can apply to customize your short brown wig. Many wigs have dense hairlines and parts that no one has naturally, regardless of how long they are. Tweezing hairs helps remove some density, making hair volume more realistic.

In this step, you had better pluck your wig with a mirror nearby so you can try it on as you go. Wearing a short brown wig allows you to see how it fits your face and whether you need to tweeze the hair or not.

Tip 4: Wear the wig, cut the lace

7 smart tips to make your short brown wig as natural as possible

Most lace wigs are designed with a large piece off lace at the hairline. This lace can be secured to the forehead to look like a scalp. It’s important to cut that lace to fit the frame of your face so that you can get your desired scalp look.

Before cutting the lace, put it on your head first to see exactly where you want it to stop. After that, put it back on a mannequin head and cut the lace. Putting back the lace wig on your head to make sure it’s perfectly fit you.

Tip 5: Placement is key

A short brown wig is easy to install. However, not everyone can make it natural. The application step is the key point to make a wig look natural. You have more than 1 option for this. You can choose a lightweight adhesive should you want to keep your wig on for a few days. Don’t forget, glue can be harmful to your edges if used incorrectly.

You can also add some bobby pins throughout the wig. Make sure there are pins at both the left and the right side of the crown. Pin through the lace so that your wig can’t move once it’s tacked onto the head.

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Tip 6: Use dry shampoo

7 smart tips to make your short brown wig as natural as possible

Styling your hair is a very important step after your installation. You should spray your wig with dry shampoo. Many types of wigs, especially synthetic hair wigs, can be extremely shiny. This causes the hair to look unnatural. Dry shampoo will help sop up some of that shine, making strands look more real.

Tip 7: Blend with makeup

For a perfect look, you cannot ignore makeup. Makeup is the best partner that helps your wig look even more realistic. Here, we recommend that you lightly brush the part and hairline with concealer so that the lace can match the color of your skin.

Do you find our news useful? If you are looking for a short brown wig for a new look, save these tips! Some day you may need them to achieve a new and natural look. Follow our online store to find the wig you love at the address APOHAIR. APO team is now ready to support you.


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