7 Things Only Girls With Long Hair Understand

No one can deny the role of hair to people, especially to girls. Hair and hairstyles contribute a lot to enhance the girls’ look. If short hair makes them look active and unique, long hair brings to elegance and feminineness. People usually think about long hair girls as beautiful, sweet and graceful girls. However, do you know to maintain that long hair, they have to suffer many things people hardly understand? To help you know more about long hair problems, in this post we introduce things only girls with long hair understand.

7 things only long hair girl understands

You cannot go out without a hair elastic

If one day you forget your hair elastic, it will be a disaster. Specifically, hot weather in summer will make you full of sweat and the wind will make hair tangled. Therefore, a hair elastic to tie long hair in a ponytail or some hairstyles like that is a great idea.

Things Only Girls with long hair
Things Only Girls with long hair

Your hair is full of static in the winter

Long hair make the face lighter
Long hair make the face lighter

In the winter, sweater and beanie are indispensable things to help you keep warm. However, these also make your long hair full of static. Your hair will be trapped in beanie and sweater.


Your long hair is found everywhere

Hair falling is an unavoidable problem for girls. And to long hair girls, it is more serious. You can find your long hair everywhere in your flat. In the morning, you wake up and realize a lot of stands in your pillow. After brushing hair, the floor is full of hair. And even hair in your food. Only girls with long hair understand this disaster.

Without hairdryer, your long hair need much time to dry

Of course, it takes more time for long hair to dry than short hair. In the evening, without a hairdryer, you cannot go to bed and have to sit until it dry.

Your long hair is stuck in the coat zipper

Some issue with long hair
Some issue with long hair

Every single time you pull the coat zipper, your long hair is caught in it. It is such annoying that you just want to cut your hair.

You need more shampoo and conditioner for your long hair

It is evident truth that long hair needs more shampoo and conditioner than short hair. And you may think the money to buy them can be spent on many things if you have short hair.

Sometimes you get a headache with ponytail

It is great to tie your long hair up in ponytail as it is an active hairstyle for long hair. However, too tight ponytail can make you get a headache.

Above are 7 things only long hair girl understands. Long hair is amazing and it is a base for many gorgeous hairstyles, nonetheless; it also can make girls get troubles. If you are tired of long hair and want to try a new hairstyle, it is time for you to change. You may look glamorous with this transformation. Even though your hair is short or long, you can experience many different hairstyles with the help of hair extensions. Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand with a variety of high-quality extensions products in many types and length levels is a great tool to complete your hair beauty.

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