Every woman loves beautiful hairstyles, of course; you too. It is amazing if your hair is always smooth and shiny to be ready for many different gorgeous styles. However, your hair is not always beautiful. It is difficult to keep it smooth all the time. Sometimes you are tired after a hard working day and you cannot take care of your hair to keep it smooth. As a result, you will get messy hair. You may think nothing can do with messy hair; nevertheless, do not worry, you can still get a beautiful hairstyle for messy hair. That is the reason why today Apohair is going to tell you a fast hairstyle tutorial for messy hair.


The cause of messy hair

Before going into the hairstyle tutorial, it is important to know what causes messy hair. There are some causes you should know to take care of your hair well. The first reason claimed is the excessive use of heating tools, especially in monsoon weather. The moisture level is high, which contributes to making your hair easy to be greasy. Applying too much heating tools is really bad for your hair.

Another reason is hair coloring. It is said that chemicals in hair processing make your hair dry and brittle. In addition, your hair also is messy if you do not use the right hair products.

How to style with messy hair

There are many types of hair care products on the market but not all of them are suitable for your hair. It is vital to invest in suitable hair products for healthy and beautiful hair.

Now, if your hair is already messy, how to make it work for you? Let’s see in the below tutorial.

To have a beautiful hairstyle, you need bobby pins and small hair elastics. To start, you let some pieces out of the sides and create volume on top. Divide your hair into sections and leave a section on top. Create a little bun by holding the hair in your right hand and twist the ends loosely with your left hand. After curling it around, you will get a little bun. Next, you secure it with a bobby pin weaved through the base of the bun. Similarly, you create a row of buns at the back of your head. Finally, with an extra bobby pin to connect the buns together, you can hold them in place to ensure stability.

To flatter your hairstyle, there are some tips for extra volume. It is advised to use a product before styling. A texture spray can help you create more volume in your hair. Moreover, it is necessary to use a small elastic to hold each section in place. In this way, you can easily keep everything in place and make a bigger bun-hawk. You also create extra volume by backcombing. This is a simple but effective step.

Above is a hairstyle tutorial for you to work with messy hair and some tips to enhance your messy hair look. With useful information, Apohair hopes that your hair always stunning in any circumstances. In addition, you also boost your hair look with the support of hair extensions. You can find many suitable extensions products in Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand. A variety of hair types and hair lengths are available to promote your hair beauty.Apohair believes that we are always trying to provide you with the best hair extensions.


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