APO Hair – The Biggest Hair Wholesaler in Vietnam

APO Import Export Joint Stock Company is one of leading hair extensions exporter in Vietnam with more than 2 decades in the industry. Over the past  years, we have continually improved our vision and mission to become one of the top hair suppliers in the global market. We always operate under the slogan “Reputation is more valuable than gold,” and strive to continuously enhance the quality of our products to maintain customers’ trust.


Foundation The history of Apohair dates back to the mid-1990s when its founder, Mr. Phan Van Toan, started a small hair trading business in Vietnam. At the time, there was a high demand for human hair in the international market, particularly in Africa and Europe. Mr. Toan saw opportunities in this growing market and started building hair factory in vietnam to these countries. At that time, our factory operated on a small scale, with only about 20 workers, like a craft village. Development
  • Product development: We have expanded our product range with new styles and hair care products.
  • Manufacturing and technology: Apohair has invested in modern facilities and quality control processes to improve products.
  • Customer service: Apohair offers personalized consultations, warranty, and return policies to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Global expansion: Apohair has expanded our global reach through partnerships and international marketing.
CEO - Phan Van Toan (Tony Phan)

Phan Van Toan: Leading the Way in Hair Extensions - CEO Profile at Apohair

Phan Van Toan (Tony Phan), born in 1980, is the esteemed CEO of Apohair, a renowned company specializing in hair extensions. With a passion for the beauty industry, Toan has accumulated extensive experience in the field of hair extensions. His journey began 12 years ago when he recognized the transformative power of high-quality hair extensions and their ability to boost confidence and enhance natural beauty.

Mr. Toan’s deep understanding of hair extension techniques and trends has been instrumental in driving Apohair’s success. Under his leadership, the company has flourished, establishing a reputation for delivering premium, ethically sourced hair extensions that meet the highest standards of quality.

Toan’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has led Apohair to constantly push boundaries, introducing new weft hair extension options and improving existing products. He places a strong emphasis on meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring that each weft extension is meticulously made to perfection.


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Apohair offers a diverse range of high-quality human hair products, including weaves, wigs, and extensions, to cater to customers’ various needs and preferences.


APO offers perfect quality and service to bring success in partnership with customers.


Apohair growth has been impressive, with the company expanding its customer base in various regions around the world.

According to recent figures, Western Europe accounts for the largest percentage of Apohair customer base at 30.1%, followed by Northern Europe at 22.4% and Eastern Europe at 12.3%.

Southern Europe and Northern America account for 10.8% and 10.2% of the customer base, respectively, while Africa makes up 8.1%.

The company has also been making inroads in Asia, with that region accounting for 4.0% of its customer base. Other regions make up the remaining 2.1%.

These figures suggest that Apohair has successfully expanded its reach globally and is well-positioned to continue its growth in various markets around the world.


Global distributions
Apohair global trade distribution network is extensive, with partnerships and collaborations in different countries, ensuring that our products are available in various regions.
The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped them establish a strong presence in the global hair industry, with many customers relying on them for our hair needs. 
Production capacity  Apohair has a significant production capacity, specifically 5 tons of extensions per month, enabling us to meet the demands of our global customer base.
The company operates several large-scale manufacturing facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our production capacity allows them to produce a wide range of hair products in various styles, lengths, and colors.
Apohair production capacity is also highly flexible, enabling us to quickly adjust to changes in demand and market trends.


Apohair has established partnerships with various businesses in the hair industry, including hair salons, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers in different countries.

We have partnerships and collaborations with businesses around the world, enabling us to reach customers in different regions.

Some of the countries that Apohair has partnerships with are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and China. These partnerships enable Apohair to expand our global distribution network and offer our products to customers in various regions.

Office and factory

The company operates with 2 parallel areas including the factory and the office. The solidarity, help and support of employees in the two areas are a great foundation for the sustainable development of the company. The head office, workplace of more than 100 sales staff, is located in Hanoi. Here, with their dynamism and creativity, the staff are day by day bringing many important achievements to the company.

The factory located in Nam Dinh city in the early days was still quite simple with a scale of only more than 20 workers with the total area of 3ha. Gradually, as the demand for our customers’ hair increased, we began to expand our factory’s area.
By May 2019, the factory has reached 250 employees with a total area of 10ha.

The expansion in the scale of our factory is a solid foundation for us to produce lots of hair products which are various in designs, styles, sizes and colors. More than 250 workers, with their skillful hands, are always working hard to make the best hair products with the best quality.


We have always been responsible for taking care of our employees, the environment, and the communities in which APO is involved


Our quality and reliability are built on the well-being of our employees. Since the opening of the factory, employee welfare and workplace safety have been a top priority for our management. With continuous supervision, training and education, we are developing our staff and fulfilling our responsibilities to the customers.


Apohair has always been responsible for protecting the environment. Our mission is to protect the environment so that humans can coexist with the rest of the species and be vigilant to save the earth. We always welcome audits by leading certification bodies to ensure we continue to improve.


Apohair has been involved in actions against child labor that do not involve the use of children, but instead provide Free English education to local children in order to give them platforms to get closer to the world, better working and business opportunities, and better lives.

Every year, Apohair contributes our resources to help poor people and victims of natural disasters in Vietnam overcome our difficulties.  Along with expanding our business, giving back to the community and empowering women will remain integral parts of our long-term vision.