6 Inch Hair Extensions – All The Things You Need To Know About

Hair extensions, some other names as artificial hair integrations or hair weaves, are a kind of item/hair that adds length and/or fullness to the human hair. In this blog, Apohair will introduce to you 6 inch hair extensions. We will provide you full information about this length of hair extensions and help you find out the best solution for your hair.

6 inch hair extensions

Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Hair Extensions

Before discovering the different types of hair extension application methods, the first element you need to know about hair extensions is that they have 2 main origins: real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. So, you know the difference between them?

Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Hair Extensions
Synthetic hair and Human hair

Human hair extensions are exactly the same as what they sound like. This type of extensions is made out of real, human hair from top to bottom, collected from a donor. Remy hair means all the cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) are intact, running in the same direction at the time of collection. This allows for almost no tangling and guarantees that the extensions can remain smooth and silky throughout their lifetime.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is made out of various synthetic, blended fibers, and doesn’t contain human hair. These fibers are usually very fine, plastic fibers that are manufactured to imitate real human hair.

6 Inch Hair Extensions

Some of us sometimes don’t understand clearly about the length of 6 inch hair extensions so we’d like to explain one more time about it. Based on the hair length chart, 6 inches of hair is the length of hair that is measured when it is maximum straighten, “maximum straighten” note that. Many people usually confuse that this length is the last length of hair when it is styled and then, you know, they give some bad feedbacks.

How Long Is 6 Inches Of Hair?

6 inch hair length is about 15 centimeters. With 6 inches hair extensions, you can completely make many different hairstyles such as straight bob, curved bob, curly or straight short hair, etc.

How Long Is 6 Inches Of Hair
6 inch hair extensions feel like natural hair

6 Inch Hair Extensions: Look & Feel

Both real and synthetic 6 inch hair extensions come in many styles, colors, and different forms of application. The quality of synthetic fibers can vary, but they are generally stiff and move differently from 6 inch hair extensions, so they don’t blend as well with your natural hair. They sometimes have a wiry or coarse feel to the touch. 6 inch real hair looks and feels real (because it is!) and therefore blends more naturally with your hair.

6 Inch Hair Extensions: Coloring and Styling

Hair extensions can be treated just like your own natural hair. Feel free to straighten, curl, blow dry, color them, and apply hair products. With 6 inch synthetic hair extension, you cannot color the hair because most dyes contain ammonia or bleach, which would destroy the synthetic hair.

Coloring and Styling 6 Inch Hair Extensions
6 inch hair extensions can be colored and styled like natural hair

Additionally, you cannot style it the same way as your 6 inch real hair because heat can damage them so curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers are a no go because they will melt or severely damage the hair. Other factors such as sun, friction, or harsh hair products can also damage 6 inch synthetic hair extensions.

Quality & How Long Hair Extensions Last

It’s obvious that synthetic hair is cheaper than real hair, but of course with that, comes a trade-off. Because they’re made out of synthetic fibers, they do not last as long as human hair as they can easily be damaged by the above-mentioned factors (sun, heat, etc.) Generally, synthetic hair extensions last for a few months, whereas human hair extensions can last upwards of one year if they are well taken care of. Apohair‘s Remy human hair extensions last for about one year on average.

Quality & How Long Hair Extensions Last
Apohair provides high-quality hair extensions

In summary, human hair can be treated and styled just like your own hair, and will look and feel the most natural. It can blend easily with your hair and also last much longer than synthetic hair. Although synthetic hair is cheaper than real hair, it does not look as natural, cannot be styled with heating tools and doesn’t last as long as real hair.

Different Types of 6 Inch Hair Extensions

There are so many different styles of 6 inch hair extensions and terms so it can get overwhelming if you are new to the world of hair extensions. Clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, pre-bonded, fusion, I-tip, micro bead hair extensions …what do they all mean? You know, hair extensions are not limited to this particular kind. We’re gradually opening the different types of extensions to help clear up some confusion. Now that we’ve gotten real vs. synthetic out of the way, let’s get into the different types of 6 inch hair extensions applications!

6 Inch Bulk hair

A bulk of hair extensions refers to a bundle of hair with no weft. Simply, buying bulk hair extensions is buying hair extensions in big quantities. Bulk hair extensions are used to create weft hair extensions but is also offered for sale to clients who wish to use the loose hair to create their own weft hair extensions or for braiding and knotting techniques. Bulk extensions often go in bundles, each of which would weigh about 100 – 200 gram. In other words, you will have several bundles for a big order that is up to kilograms.

6 Inch Bulk hair
Bulk hair extensions

To have the best measurement of six inches of hair extensions, bulk hair is the most suitable option for you. Bulk hair is often chosen by wholesalers because they can make any different styles they want. Bulk hair is tied into small bunches about 100 grams by solid elastic rounds.

With this kind of bulk hair, straight hair may be the most appropriate for the ideal length. If you use curly or wavy kinds, 6 inch length will be shortened and it will look so awkward. Therefore, be careful with this type to select your right and suitable size.

6 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions

What are they?

Clip-in wefts, also known as clip-in hair extensions, come in a strand of contoured pieces, attached at the base with either fabric or silicone. Clips are attached to this base and come ready to use. All you have to do is just clipping the pieces to your natural hair all on your own! Each clip snaps open and close with ease—see here for how to clip them in.

6 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions
Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are known for the least permanent style of extensions because you can quickly remove them and put them back on whenever you want. In contrary to some of the other hair extension applications mentioned above, clip-ins usually take just 5 – 15 minutes to apply at home.

Clip-in hair extensions are also one of the least damaging methods because they don’t involve any chemicals, heat, pressure, or other harmful installations—they simply clip onto your hair with ease so they have hardly any damage to your natural hair. This is one of the many reasons why it’s becoming of the most favorite and popular hair extension types.

Tips To Care And Maintain

Simply put, 6 inch clip-in hair extensions are very low maintenance and only need to be washed every 15-20 wears, or if there is a lot of product buildup to the point that they become unmanageable. Similar to your natural hair, you just simply brush, shampoo and condition the hair and let them air dry.

In terms of styling, 6 inch clip-in hair extensions can be styled just like your own natural hair. They can be curled, straightened, and colored, however, it is always best to use a lower heat setting when heat styling the hair, and to use a heat protectant prior to heat styling.

More details: Guide to Washing and Caring for Clip-in Hair Extensions

How Long Do They Last?

Once again, how long a clip-in hair or any hair extensions depend on how well you take care of them, what products you use and how often you wear them. With proper care and regular wear, 6 inch clip-in hair extensions last anywhere from 3 – 6 months, up to a year and sometimes even longer


The price of 6 inch clip-ins or any type of hair extensions will depend on their color, texture and quality the customers want. In general, At Apohair with a bundle of 100gram, it ranges from about 16$ to 25$. Temporary hair extensions like 6 inch clip-ins cost less than permanent ones because you can easily put on them yourself.

Clip-in hairpieces are a great hair loss solution for thinning hair. However, be wary of a low average price for 6 inch clip-in hair extensions because those tend to have poor-quality clips with a weaker grip.

6 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions

What Are They?

Tape hair is a type of extensions that is exactly what they sound like. These extensions are pre-taped and then they are taped/glued together on either side of your own hair. Typically a hairdresser will apply tape-ins for your hair because you need to align them with the roots and they are applied with a heated tool to heat up the glue. Additionally, you will have to remove them (with glue remover) and then reinstalled.

6 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions
Tape-in hair extensions

Basically, when you apply heat or any adhesive product such as tape or glue to your roots, this is harmful and can damage your hair. You need to spend approximately 40 minutes – 1 hour applying and if the extensions are in good condition, they can be re-used.


With tape-ins/6 inch tape-in hair extensions, remember to be very careful when using conditioners or hair products because this can make the tape come loose or slip off. In general, this is a very common issue with tape-ins, where the hair simply slides off.

The application of tape-in hair extensions
The application of tape-in hair extensions needs a professional hairstylist

Because of this, hairdressers usually advise you to use special shampoo or conditioner and styling products that have less harsh chemicals and are not as oily to ensure that the glue continues to stick to your hair. You can style 6 inch tape-in hair extensions any way you want because they are made with human hair, but you need to pay attention to the roots where the glue or tape is.

How Long Do They Last?

Tape-ins / 6 inch tape-ins are considered semi-permanent. Typically, they can last 4 – 8 weeks before you need to remove and re-apply them. Just like any other hair, however, it also depends on how well you look after them and on how quickly your hair grows.


At Apohair, we sell 100% Vietnamese Remy Human Hair. You’ll see 6 inch tape-in hair extensions price range starts at around 15$-27$. This type of hair extensions is very easy and quick to put in because the stylist only needs to peel back the coating and stick them on.

That is the reason why the typical tape in hair extensions cost very affordable. On the market, other 6 inch hair extensions for thin hair cost much more because they take more time and effort to put in than tape-ins.

6 Inch Weave/Sew-in Hair Extensions

What Are They?

Hair weave is a type of hair extension methods where the hair wefts are sewn onto a braided hair and styled to any desired style. The beauty of a hair weave and the reason why it is a very popular method is how undetectable it is. Weave hair extensions are mainly used for people who have thicker hair because of the way they are applied.

Generally speaking, the weave application is a very long process that usually lasts for several hours. This tight application method often puts a strain on your scalp and you can feel very heavy or uncomfortable, which is also the reason why it doesn’t work well with thin or lighter hair.

6 Inch Sew-in Hair Extension
The application of tape-in hair extensions

This method must be applied by an experienced hairdresser because it is a very technical and difficult application that needs to be sewn in by a professional. Sew-ins also come in the form of a wig, which is sewn into cornrows, in the same way, however, the hair comes in one piece as opposed to the separate wefts. Weave hair extensions are popular because this type of extensions is the most permanent and seamless, as the hair is literally sewn into your own hair and cannot come off.


If you have a weave / 6 inch weave, keep in mind to moisturize the scalp, the nape and edges of the hair at least once a week and ensure you are using deep conditioning products. Another popular recommendation for people with weaves is washing their hair with a special protein product to minimize damage and weakening of the hair. When it comes to styling, the same rules will be applied for real hair vs synthetic hair—usually weaves come in real hair because of how long they are kept in.

How Long Do They Last?

It is highly recommended to remove your weave/6 inch weave every 6 – 8 weeks, especially if you are trying to grow your own hair. Don’t forget that the maximum amount of time you should have a full weave in your hair is 4 months because it will affect your natural hair growth.


With a wide array of different colors ranging from warm to ash tone and many textures such as: straight, wavy, curly, 6 inch weave/sew-in hair extensions are always available at Apohair. Its price is also reasonable that starts around 11$-24$. At salons, permanent 6 inch sew-in extensions cost less than fusion treatments but more than clip-ins due to the work involved.

Price of sew-in hair extensions
Sew-in hair extensions have a reasonable price

6 Inch Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

What Are They?

Fusion hair extensions (also known as bonding or pre-bonded) are a type of extensions that are fused to natural hair with the use of different adhesives such as glue. Applying pre-bonded hair extensions take approximately 3-4 hours and are also required to be done by a hairdresser. Fusion extensions might not be suitable for all customers because this type of application is very damaging to your natural hair, so your hairdresser may even advise you not to apply this method.

6 Inch Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions
Fusion hair extensions

The process involves a machine that looks like a hot glue gun, which essentially glues the fusion hair extensions to individual strands of the natural hair. Another type of application for pre-bonded hair extensions is using a heat clamp to melt the glue to the natural hair.


Application of 6 inch fusion/pre-ponded hair extensions is managed and treated the same way as your real hair. You can use the same products that you normally use, however, these extensions need to be re-positioning every 2–3 months as the natural hair grows. Additionally, a warning is necessary, because of the numerous chemicals in the glue, this method can cause hair loss, breakage, and scalp irritation.

Apply Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions
Apply Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

How Long Do They Last?

Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions are considered as a semi-permanent method as they stay in your hair for up to 4 months. However, like all other types of hair extensions, this varies and depends on your own hair type and growth.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it all! We hope we’ve given you all the information you need to help you make an informed decision on which type of 6 inch hair extensions will be right for you, your hair type, and your hair goals.

Your turn: How do you think about this article? We’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences with hair extensions as well. Feel free to drop us a line at the comment section below and keep following our website Apohair – a reputation Vietnam hair supplier and reliable wholesale hair vendor, for more beauty tips, news and how-to guides. Thanks for your attention!

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