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When you look at the number of the global hair extensions market, it is evident the demand for hair extensions shows no sign of slowing down. As with the forecasted 4.5% growth rate, the market will soon become a $1.2 billion industry by the end of 2024. More than ever, businesses and enterprises that cater to female beauty needs realize they really don’t want to miss out on the huge demand. Many cosmetic and hair companies are now seeking a trusted wholesale hair extension supplier to jump-start their business in this emerging field.

Seeking out a reputable private label supplier to diversify the product portfolio and increase revenue is the first step in this game plan. While there are many options out there like wholesale hair extensions manufacturers in China; hair extensions manufacturers in India, China, and the UK, picking out the most suitable option for a new venture is no easy task. We would like to give you a general guide for choosing the best hair extensions supplier while also explaining why APOHAIR might be a solid option for your business needs.

What quality to look for in the search for a hair extensions supplier?

Looking for a private label human hair extensions supplier is not a simple job. Firstly, make sure to arm yourself with basic knowledge about certain qualities your partner needs to have to ensure smooth-sailing operation. Ask whether or not the hair extensions manufacturers in India, China, Uk you are in contact with can easily satisfy these criteria, so that you can have the bandwidth to take care of your own business and provide the best service for your market. Here are some signs to help you recognize and refine your search for the best hair extensions supplier:

Hair quality

To pick out the right hair extension supplier, you need to know what their quality is like
To pick out the right hair extension supplier, you need to know what their quality is like

Nothing decides the reputation of your business more than the quality of the product itself. While hair quality might seem like an elusive factor, anyone who has tried to color, heat treat, or do basic heat styling of their hair extensions will know for sure why the hair quality will dictate what you can do with the hair and for how long it will last. To verify the quality of a hair vendor, do your own research and look for unbiased testimonials, as well as ordering the first sample order to see whether the manufacturer specification and quality grades meet your requirement.

Quick and responsive customer service

No matter where the hair extensions trade supplier is based in California or China, the UK, Germany, France, or India, their customer service needs to be quick and responsive. All kinds of accidents and mishaps might happen during the order fulfillment process so the attitude and service will be imperative for things to be resolved quickly.

While some suppliers work by phone calls and emails, some others have a strong presence on social networks, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging applications. Choose one that can guarantee a quick and helpful contact line for your own needs.

Streamlined shipping and fulfillment ability

Shipping and fulfillment ability is also another strong factor in choosing a hair extensions manufacturer
Shipping and fulfillment ability is also another strong factor in choosing a hair extensions manufacturer

A supplier should be able to help you stay informed of the shipment and offer a flexible, streamlined shipping experience. No matter where you are in the world, an order should arrive at you in a 3-5 days time frame to help ensure that your businesses are not interrupted. You should also ask for the supplier’s production time frame and capacity to make sure that your timeline stays in sync.

What types of products can you order from a hair extensions trade supplier?

While there can be many types of products one can get when searching for hair extensions suppliers in the UK, hair extensions suppliers in France, hair extensions suppliers in Holland, etc.., the most common product type turned up is Human Remy hair. These are considered the best quality since the hair is collected to make sure the roots and the ends run in the same direction. This results in a costlier price but also translates to better quality, longer-lasting, and tangle-free hair extensions.

A hair extension supplier can produce many kinds of extensions
A hair extension supplier can produce many kinds of extensions

Depending on your market and how the end-consumer prefers to get their hair extensions, you can prioritize getting temporary hair extensions, semi-permanent hair extensions, or permanent hair extensions. The application methods will be the main way for you to pick the most suitable hair extensions types. Some of the most commonly chosen types are listed below:

  • Clip-in hair wefts: These temporary hair extensions are easy to use and add volume/length in an instant. They should not be worn to bed as the clip at the root can certainly damage the customer’s hair. Clip-in is the most convenient method and doesn’t require too much commitment from the wearer. They also won’t cause any damage to a person’s natural hair when the user takes care and follows the usage directions.
  • Tape-in hair extensions: This kind of hair extension can be installed on a horizontal section or the side of the head. The adhesive at the root is glued and applied like a sandwich to the root area of your natural hair. As tape-in is a semi-permanent type of hair extension, users are advised to wash their hair less frequently and avoid the root area.
  • Traditional sew-in hair weaves: To use this kind of or product, the hair needs to be braided first to create a “foundation” for the weft hair extensions to be sewn onto. This method ensures that the weaves stay put on a user’s head for up to 4 months and the user can use various methods to help create a seamless blend between the weaves and the natural hair.
  • Stick tip hair extensions: This form of hair extension is applied close to the root of your client and end-users. Either using a heat tool to melt the glue or other heat-free methods, the hair extensions will be attached individually strand by strand. Stick tip hair extensions come in many different names like I-tip, U-tip, K-tip and can last up to 6 months at a time. While they are regarded as a permanent hair extensions system, users still need to get maintenance appointments in between. This is due to the hair extensions bond will gradually get pushed down as their natural hair grows.
  • Wigs: You can find wigs in all kinds of lengths, textures, and colors. The sky’s the limit. Not only the hair itself but the cap construction of the wig can present many options to suit the needs of each individual. Research your market well to know the kind of wigs and hairpieces that are in demand before starting to talk with a human hair extensions supplier.

Now that you know what are some of the most important factors while considering a hair extensions supplier near me, as well as the kind of products you can choose, we would like to introduce APOHAIR. Not only is APOHAIR a wonderful supplier for hair extension businesses that are just starting, but we also earn recognition as a reliable partner for industry veterans.

APOHAIR – Who we are and what do we offer?

APOHAIR’s history and achievement

Starting in the 90s, APOHAIR got its humble start from a small hair factory in the north of Vietnam. The factory at that time operated on a small scale and served mainly the domestic market as the Southeast Asian nation was still opening up the economy to the world. With only about 20 workers attending to all different processes of hair extensions manufacturing, we have to learn as we go.

Fast forward to 2005, APOHAIR experimented with its first international order and officially became a pioneer of the hair extensions export business in Vietnam. With its deep in-house knowledge of production as well as a solid relationship with hair extensions collectors, we revamp our offering and step by step build the trust and recognition of the hair extensions market. 

APOHAIR has certainly grown in terms of size and scale as a hair extensions manufacturer
APOHAIR has certainly grown in terms of size and scale as a hair extensions manufacturer

While APOHAIR today operates on a much bigger scale than it used to be 2 decades ago, we still bring the same dedication and passion to our products. We commit to using only the best hair material source and ensure the collection process benefits our donors and partners equitably.

With a factory that spans 10 ha and more than 200 skilled workers, our operations have helped support overseas businesses who need high-quality hair extensions at a fraction of the price you get when working with a hair extension supplier in the UK, France, Holland, Germany.

What services do APOHAIR offer to potential wholesale customers?

While you can find the product we offer elsewhere, as from wholesale hair extensions manufacturers in China, what makes customers place their trust and order from us is our depth of experience and the top-notch customer service we offer. Here are just a few examples of how we help wholesale partners actualize their business plans

  • We always give our wholesale customers the best price. Our pricing scheme makes sure our customers achieve profitability and ensure a win-win situation for both parties. We give special discounts for customers with orders of a certain volume. Get in touch through our hotline or our form if you are interested.
  • We have many design and printing services if you want to sell our hair with your own branding and labeling. We have a dedicated team to take care of your needs as a private label hair extensions buyer.
  • Clear and fair return policy: We offer good customer service which prioritizes quality and clear communication. However, if you are not satisfied with the received goods, you can return the products in case that the products are unused, untampered. Check out our refund and return policy.
  • Samples order and no MOQ: We don’t have an MOQ in place if you are just starting, this can help you test your own market and see how our product performs. You can also get a sample order from us with very little cost to inspect the hair quality by yourself.
  • Flexible payment options: We have many payment options for you to choose from and our agents are always attentive to help you quickly carry out your transactions without any issues. We care about you and your business so any of your concerns are always at the top of our priority.

Top 4 reasons to pick APOHAIR as your trusted wholesale hair extensions manufacturer

Transparent and ethical hair sourcing practice

Vietnamese ladies are known for their long beautiful hair - We strive our best to preserve the natural hair quality in our product
Vietnamese ladies are known for their long beautiful hair – We strive our best to preserve the natural hair quality in our product

We are proud that 100% of our hair extensions come from Remy human hair of ethical Vietnamese origin. With an emphasis on quality and clear, transparent hair origin, we have garnered a lot of business and support, and partners from all over the world. Many customers and resellers from the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands have loved our Vietnamese hair product range and have stayed with us for more than 10 years.

Unbeatable Price

Since we produce our own hair and have a large-scale operation, our price is always the most competitive when taken into account the quality that we provide. When you stock our pioneering products, you are already on your way to build a reputable business and solidify your business growth. With a reasonable pricing scheme in mind, we make sure to help you achieve your profit margin and offer our wholesale product at a fraction of the retail price.

Seasoned production know-how and huge capacity

We can produce and satisfy hair extension orders of all scales with consistent quality and competitive price
We can produce and satisfy hair extension orders of all scales with consistent quality and competitive price

As a seasoned manufacturer of human hair wigs, we are proud of our know-how and methods in production that can maximize efficiency and keep costs at the most reasonable price. APOHAIR has a dedicated Research & Development team who work on refining existing product lines as well as creating new, useful product lines. We are always listening to the markets through various channels to come up with the most comprehensive product range. 

Our team of engineers and managers always look after the demand and workload with great care to make sure your orders are fulfilled and the production time frame is kept as promised.

Time-tested product quality

When it comes to quality, we are obsessed. Our hair is 100% human hair that is collected to make sure the cuticles are aligned. This strong commitment helps us gain trust from salons and sellers all over the world as they can feel assured when they use our product. Our range of hair weaves, hair extensions, wigs, and other types of hair units are made from the best material. Any batch of products always undergoes various assessment systems before coming to you. It is this level of commitment that helps ensure our standard and makes us become a household name within the hair extension industry.

If you are interested in working with APOHAIR please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form. Our support staff will get back to you within 24 hours. We hope you will one day join the APO’s family and enjoy all the amazing products & services we provide.

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