APO’s jounnery to Phu Quoc Island

To develop business in a sustainable way, APO never forget to strengthen our corporate culture. And annual tourism is one of the most remarkable activities. The journey to Phu Quoc which is known as the pearl island on the southwest coast of Vietnam, in the middle of June 2022 was a memorable experience for the company. Today, be with APOHAIR’s staff and discover Phu Quoc Island.

Dinh Cau Temple and Lighthouse

At the mouth of the Duong Dong River Estuary in Duong Dong city, the Dinh Cau Temple and Lighthouse is well-known attraction on Phu Quoc Island. Dinh Cau was built in 1937 and dedicated to the Vietnamese Goddess of the sea, Thien Hau. She is worshipped throughout Asia.

We spend nearly one hour visiting and admiring the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, the weather does not support us when it has drizzling rain. But we still managed to take some pictures to keep the memories.

Dinh Cậu APO jounnery to Phu Quoc Island 1


Sightseeing in The South – Hon Thom Island

When it comes to Hon Thom, APO HAIR spends a day visiting this island and has interesting activities and fabulous experiences. We see the whole view of the mainland and parts of the other islands by the world’s longest sea-crossing cable car system, go to the beach, admire pristine white beaches,  snorkel to see coral and sea creatures experience, exprience the games in the water park, etc.

All of us are very excited to enjoy these activities. It brings new energy sources and recovers us after work-hard days.

APO jounnery to Phu Quoc Island 2


Phu Quoc Prison – ”Hell On Earth”

The last destination of the journey to beautiful island is Phu Quoc prison. The prison was built in 1949-1950 by French colonialists as a place that used for detention of captured Viet Cong and North Vietnamese  soldiers with brutal torture punishment that was simulated by replica. The prison covers an area of 40,000 square meters and is ranked a special historical relic of national significance by the government of Vietnam.

Visit Phu Quoc Prison, It is an opportunity for the descendants to better understand the nation’s history, appreciate independence and freedom, and thereby try to build the country so as not to disappoint those who have sacrificed.

Nhà Tù Phú Quốc APO jounnery to Phu Quoc Island 3


Gala dinner

The Gala show is so exciting with interesting parts aim to connect all of the members together. We take part in attractive games and the winner gets prizes. The rewards are not too valuable, but they contribute to making the atmosphere more exciting. The surprising birthday present from the company send to staff  who was born in June.

APO jounnery to Phu Quoc Island 4 apo team


Everyone sing and dance with the eventful music. All of us feel happy and cheery. We take photos to keep memorable moments together.



The journey to Phu Quoc island is a great opportunity to enhance the solidarity of APO family. Hope that we are always happy and have the greatest energy to bring the products of the best quality to lovely customer.


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