Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is one of the most popular topics in some recent days as it was about to take place. When talking about Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, it can not deny the important role of Victoria’s Secret angels. Today, we will talk about Miranda Kerr – a former Victoria’s Secret angel who has many years with Victoria’s Secret.

The Australian supermodel inspired many people by her hair, makeup, and skincare. Her hairstyles are gorgeous with the support of hair extensions. In this post, let’s see how amazing her styles are.

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles: Blonde Curls

Miranda looks glamorous with the loose blonde curls. Half of her face is covered by the side-parted bangs, which creates a mysterious look. You can take inspiration from this look. If you are an office lady, you will be super-chic with this simple yet voguish curly hairstyle.

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles: Brunette Hair

This is a new look of Miranda when she try this brunette haircut with center-parted hair. She also adds some natural waves to the ends to brisk the overall look. You can try this style with your medium hair. Some 20 inches hair extensions can help your hair look full of volume.

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles: Center-parted Curls

This Miranda’s center-parted curls can be inspiration for your long hair. It is time for you to style your long hair with this center-parted wavy hairstyle. To do this, you part your hair in the middle and then curl the fringe. This is a very flexible hairstyle, therefore, it is suited for any face shapes.

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles: Glamorous Waves

This waves style is really glamorous for medium hair. It helps Miranda Kerr impress people with her elegance and grace. This hairstyle is impressive that the upper section are soft and smooth while the lower section turn to big textured curls suddenly. If you like this style, you also can try it at home.

 Miranda Kerr Hairstyles: Layered Haircut

This ultra-straight layered haircut brings to Miranda Kerr young look. Young people can choose this style with the center-parted hair, which contributes to create a perfect oval face. If you have round or square face, this hairstyle is the most suitable.

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles: Luxurious Curls

Just like its name, this luxurious wavy hairstyle make Miranda look so sexy and luxurious. She styles her hair with big curls and swept-side. If you are interested in this look, it is necessary to use some hairspray to style the bouncy curls.

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles: Voguish Half-up Half-down

This time Miranda rocks the excellent half-up half-down hairstyle. To have such beautiful look, she parts her soft hair from the side loosely and braids them back. Her face shape is framed by adding some volume to the crown.

Above are 7 Miranda Kerr’s hairstyles which not only boost her appearance but also inspire many women. Hope that through these gorgeous hairstyles, you can find your own styles and apply them with the support of hair extensions.

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