In summer, the demand for short hair is increasing because of the hot weather. Due to the high temperature, people sweat a lot, which makes them tired of long hair. Getting a short hairstyle does not only help you escape from the heat but also change your look. Many people are actually more beautiful with short hair than a long one.

However, if you are worrying that your hair is too thin, which is not suitable for a short hairstyle, do not worry because there is a solution for you. It is applying virgin hair extensions. This will help you have thicker hair you like. There are so many virgin hair extensions brands on the market that you do not which is good for you. Just relax! Apohair is an ideal choice because we make sure to supply the high-quality hair productions. In Apohair, virgin hair extensions are made from 100% natural hair.

Short hair expresses your characteristic, let try gorgeous short hairstyles for 2019 we introduce below.

Pixie cut with bangs

It will be a great choice for a short hairstyle with pixie cut. The beautiful features of pixie cut combining with the bangs which draw attention to the eyes make you gorgeous. To pixie cut hairstyle, you can choose many types of bangs such as side swept bangs, full bangs and so on. You will look great in this style.

Side parted blunt bob

This is considered as an attractive short hairstyle – side parted blunt bob. It is a never-out-of-fashion hairstyle as it is a popular choice among women of all lifestyles today. Also, side-parted blunt bob is flexible when you can wear it in both a formal and casual occasion. You also can vary this cut by sometimes styling it straight or curly.

Angled short bob

This is an example of the short, edgy haircuts. It looks full of volume and bounce thanks to the various lengths. With this style, you will look active and unique. You can choose this to refresh your hair look.

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Braided bob

Braid is a popular but beautiful hairstyle. Many people may think that short hair is not for braids. However, nothing is impossible. With short hair, you still have gorgeous braids. This style is the combination between braids and half up half down. This style is made by braiding up your longer locks.

Short wavy bob

If you are tired of your sleek straight hair, this glamorous wavy bob is ideal for you. Refreshing your short hair with some waves can make you look different and even more stunning. So, why don’t you try this?

Above are 5 short hairstyles for 2019 many women love. To become fabulous and attractive, it is necessary to sometimes vary your hair look. Short hair is such lovely and stunning. Long hair is beautiful and makes you look elegant, which does not mean that short hair is not. Your beauty still is ensured and even enhanced thanks to short hairstyles. Let these gorgeous short hairstyles for 2019 boost your hair look to the next level!

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