Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors

Scrolling through your Instagram or Snapchat and chances are that you’ll be inundated with thousands of Brazilian hair extensions brands, claiming user-friendly application and best results. Yet, where exactly should you start when it comes to looking for a wholesale Brazilian hair distributor? With too many options on the hair market, it might be fazing to know whether you have chosen a reliable distributor or just pure fraud. Apohair has compiled a list of the best wholesale Brazilian hair distributors in order to get you some ideas to start your business.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors

What’s Brazilian Hair?

Before you start your hair journey, it’s important that you get familiar with the hair type you’re going for. This is indeed huge, as it’s vital to know what you’re actually getting for your money.

Brazilian hair is one the most desired human hair type for making hair extensions products, as they’re not only of high quality but they’re also sold at a rather low price. When it comes to quality Brazilian hair wholesale, its reputation remains unmatched. Most Brazilian hairs are coarse in texture and extremely dense. The hair shades are varied from black to rich brown, and the hairs are most suitable for those who are looking to a full-bodied with beautiful bounces lock. When seeking wholesale hair distributors, those specializing in Brazilian hair stand out due to the remarkable attributes of this sought-after hair type.

Most wholesale Brazilian hair distributors classify the extensions into 3 categories:

# Grade A: To be categorized as grade A, the hair must come from donors from Europe or from the Caucasians. European hairs are considered to be the most precious hair type thanks to its fine texture, silkiness, and the wide range of colors it offers.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors
Grade A

# Grade B: The hairs in grade B are usually a bit thicker than those in A grade and have wavy patterns. Grade B hair is considered to be an ideal protective hairstyle as it provides great resistance to the sun. The B grade Brazilian hair extensions are extremely well-known as they’re largely supplied at a very reasonable price.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors
Grade B

# Grade C: Grade C hair comes from donors from Afro-Caribe areas. Most of these hairs are curly and super coarse. If you have been around the hair market for a while, you’d probably heard of Molado or Muttalo hair, which are the terms for this type of hair. The grade C Brazilian hairs are usually used to make the Brazilian body wave extensions that we use today.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors
Grade C

How To Choose Your Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributor?

In the competitive market, where there are numerous hair wholesale suppliers, selecting the right distributor requires careful consideration of several factors. To be able to know which wholesale Brazilian hair distributor you should go for, it’s recommendable that you follow the below steps:

This is actually the most fundamental step that one should do when it comes to looking for a wholesale supplier. You can search for the keyword ‘wholesale Brazilian hair distributor/factory/vendor’ on Google or even through other social network platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Believe it or not, social media holds great power to connect you with your distributors.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors
How to choose Brazilian Wholesale?

#2 Learn About the Distributors

Once you got the list of your potential cooperators, you should dig deeper into learning about them and their products. Do ask your friends who have used these distributors’ hair or look for the reviews online. A small tip is that you can look at how timely the suppliers are, as a trustworthy company would, most time, be very quickly after a few emails. And of course, if the promise for a product’s advertisement sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors
Learn About the Distributors

#3 Communicate with the Distributors

After narrowing down the options, you want to do is to chat or talk to your potential vendor if possible. This is to know whether they’re willing to work with you or if they’re professional enough for you to trust.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors
Communicate with the Distributors

#4 Ask for the Hair Details and Samples

When talking with your partner, ask for the hair information, namely the quality as well as its origin – check if the hair is virgin human hair or artificial. Keep in mind that you should always ask for the hair sample or video to be able to directly assess the hair quality.

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Best Brazilian Hair Distributors

Now, let’s delve into some platforms where you can find the best Brazilian hair vendors:

#1 Alibaba/AliExpress

Alibaba is a huge retailer where you can wholesale hair. The company was incorporated in China and has now grown to serve more than 250 countries. You may not know this, Alibaba’s total sales and profits have already those of all the US retailers combined. Thus, if you are looking for a wholesale Brazilian hair distributor that offers reliable payment and in consumers’ safety, Alibaba is definitely an ideal site to go for.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors

#2 BeauteTrade

BeauteTrade is one of the biggest wholesale Brazilian hair distributors that offer innovative and hi-tech interaction with plenty of wholesale products and manufacturers. Though being a newly developed online shopping platform, BeauteTrade offers a full of futuristic privileges for both suppliers and consumers.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors

#3 Chinabrands 

Consult any beauty gurus or hair suppliers that have been around the extensions market for a while about the best wholesale Brazilian hair distributors, a hundred percent that you’ll be flooded with the recommendations for Chinabrands. Chinabrands is a wholesale supplier based in China. It has now had a global reach servicing customers in more than over 200 countries. The company provides not only Brazilian hair but other regions of hair like Vietnamese or Peruvian hair to distributors and wholesale vendors from all parts of the world. You can now find Chinabrands’ products from both online and offline stores.

Best Wholesale Brazilian Hair Distributors

Apart from Brazilian hair, there’re also a lot of hair types that are now taken into account. Among those, Vietnamese hair extensions are growing at a skyrocketing pace. Having said that, Apohair is one of the best online wholesale Vietnamese virgin hair distributors. We supply 100% Vietnamese Real Remy Hair to the international market. With more than 25 years of experience in the hair industry, we have built a steady foundation. Additionally, the company has a group of over 200 excellent staff, including workers and office employees, who are professional, creative, and loyal with the company as well as our customers.

If you want to start your own hair business, these are some best distributors for wholesale Brazilian hair that will fetch you maximum profits.

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