Black Hair and Blue Eyes – The Hidden Beauty You Have To Discover

Choosing a suitable color for your hair is never an easy task. Besides our interest, we also need to concern about many other factors such as our skin tone or our eye color. So, what hair color is the best choice if you have blue eyes. Black hair and blue eyes? Is it feasible? This article will reveal the hidden beauty of this combo. Also, we don’t forget to share with you the collection of top 9 glamorous hairstyles for blue eyes black hair.

Black hair and blue eyes

What Is The Combo Of Black Hair And Blue Eyes?

If you have both black hair and blue eyes then we will never deny that we are a little bit jealous of you. Then you have known how gorgeous this combo is, right? The simple but never-outdated in the black hair creates a perfect look when it is put in the combo with blue eyes. Owning these two wonderful things, you are so lucky.

You can let your black hair and blue eyes with natural straight style. However, you can also make it even better by styling your hair in different textures such as curly or wavy ones, which can help highlights your eyes and your overall appearance as well. It is quite easy to do black hair withdraw attention to your eyes. Even if you don’t have bangs, you can easily achieve the perfect look. Look at some pictures we’ve gathered below to see for yourself.

Black hair and blue eyes
Girl with black hair and blue eyes

Top 9 Beautiful Gorgeous Hairstyles For Black Hair And Blue Eyes

1. Effortless Waves

We need to tell you that there will be no shortage of black hairstyles for blue eyes as you now can easily pick up many of them through the Internet. However, in this article, we are going to show you the unique and also most glamorous ones. The very first hairstyle we call is “effortless waves”.

Black hair with blue eyes
Black hair with blue eyes – effortless waves style

As you might know, black-haired can beatify who has blue eyes. In general, the whole black hair and blue eyes combination is a success. It means you don’t need to do anything else to make people take notice. The combo itself is stunning, creating an incredible look for the owner. However, you can even make everything better with a little change in your hairstyle. Here you can heighten your natural beauty with a casual, natural hairstyle. Our suggestion for this situation could be simple but elegant weaves that frame your face without overshadowing it.

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2. Long, Sleek Bob With Blue Eyes

Dark hair, vivid blue eyes and porcelain skin – that mixture will definitely begs for a stylish appearance, not to mention a bold red lip. If you find it too difficult to choose a suitable hairstyle for your blue eyes, try on a straight, sleek bob – a timeless haircut for almost all girls. Feel free to keep it a little longer or you can opt for an edgy, angled bob that’s longest and sharpest at your chin.

Long, sleek bob hairstyle with blue eyes
Long, sleek bob hairstyle with blue eyes

3. Short And Sassy

There is something undeniably retro about the beauty of black hair and blue eyes. Just have a look at all the pinup girls and burlesque dancers of last year. This bib hairstyle resembles a pageboy because of its short, blunt ends. However, the subtle under-curl and the thick bangs will certainly take it to another level.

Short hairstyle with black hair
Short hairstyle with black hair

4. Hippie Chic

Have you ever tried this hairstyle? Hippie trick sounds quite strange but in fact it is very familiar with us. It is one of the most glamorous hairstyles to match with black hair and blue eyes. The style is simple and elegant in their simplicity, making us more and more confident about our appearance. Let’s give a nod to this chic trend or immediately embrace your hippie roots with long, straight and black hair which is perfectly parted in the middle.

Hippie trick with blue eyes black hair
Hippie trick with blue eyes black hair

5. Shagged And Jagged

Admit it, ladies, shaggy & tousled haircuts will mesh well with your blue eyes and black hair. Remember to talk to your stylist about layers created using the razor. That will make your coif jagged and edgy, but it will still have some cohesion.

Black hair and blue eyes
Shaggy & tousled haircuts

Does your hair have a wonderful body? If yes, just skip all and show it off. A side-swept fringe is a must and the dark hair against your fair skin will draw attention to your creamy complexion and those baby blues. These are perfect, right?

6. Soft Waves

This is one more style for your black hair blue eyes. Right here, you are looking at a perfect example of the natural beauty of black hair and blue eyes. Just imagine striking such a sweet, romantic figure with so little effort. Do you find it interesting? Having this look easier with tape in hair extensions

Black hair and blue eyes -Soft waves
Soft waves hairstyle

7. Elegant Updo

Even you choose this hairstyle with or without bangs, we promise that an updo style will flatter both your hair color and eye color. Do you need more evidence for this? Let us tell you that high bun, chignon or a retro-inspired do similar to this one – it doesn’t matter. Just pull your hair up in the air sometimes and you can feel the beauty right then.

Elegant updo with black hair and blue eyes
Elegant updo with black hair and blue eyes

8. Retro-curls

There is no doubt that black hair is sensational in retro and vintage hairstyles for a lot of women in a very long time. However, keep in mind that you are going to need a whole lot of hairspray for this hairstyle. That’s why it is important to prepare good quality hairspray for a perfect hairstyle.

Black hair and blue eyes
Retro and vintage hairstyles

Do you have attractive blue eyes? If yes, congrats. No need to think too much, look at top 9 pretty hairstyles for black hair and blue eyes above. Apohair wishes that you will satisfy with your choice. If not, don’t be sad because our hair extensions will meet your wishes. You can have long wavy black hair with our hair color 1 or 1B.

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