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Everything you need to know about human weave hair extensions

LA weave human hair extension application method

In your hair extension exploring adventure, you’ve probably come across the word “human hair wefts” or “human weave hair extensions” on numerous occasions. This type of hair extension has become popular due to its advantages. They come in different lengths, textures, and colors that fit any taste. For those who want to add length and […]

Installation guide: How to use clip in hair extensions in 7 steps

how to use clip in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions is the easiest hair extensions. Unlike other methods which are recommended to do at hair salons, clip-in hair can be easily installed at home without much effort. You can clip the hair in and out whenever you want. If you are a new wearer, let’s learn how to use clip in hair […]

How to style clip in hair extensions for a natural look?

How to style clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions is the most convenient hair extensions method available. They are a great way to boost your look within minutes. Although it’s quick and easy to install clip-ins, you still need to know how to style clip in hair extensions for a natural look. And below is our guide on how to […]

APOHAIR – Hair extensions supplier that grows with you

hair extensions supplier 5

When you look at the number of the global hair extensions market, it is evident the demand for hair extensions shows no sign of slowing down. As with the forecasted 4.5% growth rate, the market will soon become a $1.2 billion industry by the end of 2024. More than ever, businesses and enterprises that cater […]

How do I find a hair vendor for my new business?

how do i find a hair vendor 7

The increasing demand for hair extensions as a beauty item has made it a high-grossing industry. Starting a new business in the hair extensions industry can be a lucrative career, but it requires you to have the right business strategy. And one of the top things to do is to find a good hair vendor. […]

Business tips: How to become a hair vendor successfully?

how to become a hair vendor 7

Is hair extensions an easy-earning industry? The answer is yes, but it’s only when you have the right strategy while setting up your business. And if you are still wondering what you should do to build a hair business, let check our article below with the 10 tips on how to become a hair vendor. […]