Blond wig and how to make it look like real

Blond wig has become more and more popular as a fashion accessory of girls and women. But not everyone knows how to secure a natural look with it. For most cases, wig users just apply it on with the tutorial they find on Youtube. In fact, if you wear the wig blond correctly, it does look good. However, there are several things more that matter. So, let scroll down and figure out the tips on how to make your blond wig as natural as possible.

Pay attention to the roots

Blond wig and how to make it look like real

Wearing a wig with just one color from the roots to the tips may look quite artificial. If you look at your own hair, you can see it does not contain only one color. Most people have some shades of color and dimension throughout layers of hair. That’s why a blond wig with colored roots will create the dimension like your bio hair, thereby securing a natural look.

If you can’t find a blonde wig with rooted colors, you can bring your wig to a hair salon and have them create the color blending for you.


Make some adjustment to your long blond wig

A blonde wig comes with a certain texture and length. If you wear it day by day, the dull look will make people easily recognize you are wearing fake hair. Hence, to make it more natural, you can opt for a haircut and apply some styling to diversify how you look.

If you have a long blonde wig, you can trim the edges, create layers, or go for a complete haircut. A haircut that compliments your face and similar to your natural hair will bring the best effect. Knowing your face shapes will help you to choose a stunning hairstyle. However, unlike your real hair, the wig hair can’t grow back after being cut. Therefore, it’s better to have a hairdresser do that for you.

It’s also great to apply some changes to your wig’s texture. For a straight human hair wig, you can surely use heat styling and create some waves or curls for a fresh look. Don’t forget to spray some heat protectant products into your wig hair before you use a curling iron to prevent drying and damaging the hair strands.

Blond wig and how to make it look like real


Plucking is important

Blond wig and how to make it look like real

A lot of blonde wigs available in the market are made by machine. That’s why the center part and hairline are often created too perfectly that make it unreal. And plucking your wig will make your hairline look more natural. What you need to do is put your wig into your head without securing it. Then, use a pair of tweezers to pull some hairs from the center part and the hairline. Make sure that you pick up the hairs in different spots so that the wig won’t look bare in any particular position.


Create some hairstyles with accessories

Consider your blond wig like your own hair, you can braid your wig or make a wavy ponytail to have a realistic look. Yet, remember to check your look with a mirror to see if your wig cap is visible. You can also use some accessories like how you often do with your bio hair. Some small items such as a hairpin or a hair bow can make you look lovelier with your wig. And in case your blonde wig does not have a natural hairline, it’s better to wear a scarf around the area to cover it.

Blond wig and how to make it look like real


Take really good care of your blond wig

One of the factors you should never ignore when using a wig is to maintain it properly. Washing it depending on the frequency of use, applying specialized wig care products, and limiting overheat will remain its healthy look. In this way, you can not only make the hair strands of the wig more natural but also keep it stay with you longer.

Blond wig and how to make it look like real

Be confident with your blond wig

Many people find it a bit uneasy with the wig they wear, especially with newcomers. It is not because the wig triggers any uncomfortable feeling to their scalp or head, but because they still can’t get used to it. The solution is to forget that you are wearing a wig. Instead, move your attention to other things you do. You can try to wear your wig around your family and friends first if you are worried about your look. In addition, prepare for some unexpected circumstances like wearing a cap above your wig on a strong windy day will be a great help.

Invest in a human hair wig

A human hair blonde wig with the outstanding softness and silkiness is a key thing to master a natural look. Hence, do invest in one from the start will be a smart choice. Generally, a human hair wig is more expensive than a synthetic one. However, in long-term use, a human hair is considered a more money-saving item with its flexibility and higher durability.

Blond wig and how to make it look like real

Above are the 7 tips for blond wig users to obtain a perfect look. We hope that you can make use of them to shine your beauty. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more useful tips and news. Thank you for reading.

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