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We are easily attracted by the dynamic beauty of blonde hairstyles. Many times, we cannot realize our relatives, our friends as they seem to be in a completely new look when being in the blonde shade instead of their old black one. We often wonder how celebrities can change their hair color so quickly. The answer lies in a very popular method these days – hair extensions. Besides adding length and volume to the natural hair, hair extensions also let us experience new colors without any dyeing method. Then, how to determine and achieve the best blonde hair extensions? Continue this blog for more related information.

What is blonde hair extensions?

blonde hair extensions

Blonde hair extensions refer to the hair extensions which are made in blonde color. This outstanding color may be a big challenge if you really want to try a new appearance but don’t have enough courage to do it. That’s why not many people are ready to sacrifice their natural hair to get a new blonde style. The emergence of blonde hair extensions has helped us achieve new hair colors easier. We don’t have to spend hours in hair salons waiting for a new blonde hair to change our look.

How to get blonde hair extensions?

Like any professional hairdresser, workers in hair factories have to get enough skills to make hair products. It can be said that blonde is a quite complicated hair color. To get complete blonde hair extensions, the worker needs to be really careful and meticulous. Two important steps in making the best blonde hair extensions are bleaching and dyeing the hair. When the two steps above are perfectly made, you are getting the best blonde hair extensions.

Tips to take care of blonde hair extensions

Don’t misunderstand that hair extension requires no care. In fact, we need to take care of hair extensions the way we do with our natural hair.

It is important for you to learn how to curl and dry the best blonde hair extensions properly. Also, remember to limit your hair to regular exposure to the sun. No matter what type of blonde hair extensions you own (synthetic hair or natural hair), it needs washing. After shampooing, use a little extra conditioner as it will help increase the shine and softness of the hair.

Try to treat hair extensions the way you are treating your real hair. Here we mean you should take advantage of your natural hair shampoo (or hair conditioner) to clean the best blonde hair extensions. There is no doubt that by doing this, you are saving a lot of money.

In general, both your natural hair and human hair extensions need caring. However, there will be some differences. With your natural hair, you can wash it even when it is still tanged but with human hair extensions, you should not do that. Comb the best blonde hair extensions well before washing instead of allowing it to be tangled. During the process of cleaning the hair, use both hands to squeeze gently just like you are shampooing your real hair.

Some typical shampoos such as dandruff shampoo contain sulfates and strong substances that can strip the hair color from your hair. Especially, with a complicated color like blonde, you would definitely regret when it turns into another worse shade by the effect of sulfates shampoo.

To take care of best blonde hair extensions, you need to choose specialized products for dyed hair. In case it is too difficult to find out such products, ask the salon where you dye your hair for more advice.

Where to get the best blonde hair extensions?

Two main kinds of blonde hair extensions in the market now are synthetic hair and human hair.

Though synthetic hair is quite cheap, it cannot meet all of our demands. What if you really like to make curls if you are having blonde hair extensions? We believe you understand that the hair is weaker after being dyed blonde color. So how can it suffer from heat when you are trying to curl it? At high temperature, synthetic fibers begin to melt and this is never an interesting experience.


That’s why we highly recommend that you should pick up the best blonde hair extensions made of human hair. At APOHAIR’s stock, there are a thousand types of best blonde hair extensions. A clear thing is that all products we provide are made of 100% Vietnamese human Remy hair. If you keen on our products, come with us and we will help you be shining with your new beauty. >> See more: Blonde hair extensions from APOHAIR

This post below is 10 shades of blonde color for Indians women to try.

Brownish blonde

blonde hairstyles for indians 1

This is probably the safest color to choose when we considering the topic Indians with blonde hair. However, before you try this style, we need to emphasize the importance of undertones. If you have warm undertones, go for ash brown blonde while if you have cool undertones, applying colors such as mahogany may be ideal.

Golden blonde

blonde hairstyles for indians 2

To be honest, for those Indians with blonde hair, golden blonde is not such a great idea. The reason is that the golden blonde color can make women with dusky, olive skin look sickly and pale. In general, a combination of golden blonde with Indians skin tone isn’t impossible but making this color look good is quite tricky. So, our recommendation is that go for golden blonde but not the full of your head, just have them in highlights or streaks. Another reason why you shouldn’t do that is that such gold color can do serious damage to hair health as the hair can easily bleach post dying.

Red blonde

Here is another tricky color that those with Indians skin tone really need to be cautious. There are many shades of red but it is quite hard to choose out one. For women with olive, sun-kissed skin, light red blonde can be ideal because it makes the dark, olive skin even stand out more gorgeous. However, remember that there is a notice about red color that needs serious caution is that those with red undertones should not go with red. The reason is very simple because the red blonde color will make an overdose of redness in your look.

Chestnut Blonde

If Beyonce is the diva you always look up to, this is the hair color to wear. We highly recommend this shade of blonde which is a mix of a light chestnut brown and a dull golden blonde. Indians with a cool skin tone could apply a chestnut blonde highlights, mixed in with other blonde tones to add some depth to their flat hair.

Dusty Rose Blonde

You love pink? Then this is the shade of blonde hair color will be for you, especially if you have a warm skin tone. Carefully observe, you see that this delicate blonde hair color has a light rose pink glow. It is also pretty versatile. On its own, a dusty rose blonde highlights or balayage will be a soft look to try, but if you mix it with an ash blonde balayage, it will suddenly become edgy.

Honey Blonde

blonde hairstyles for indians 6

This is another popular hairstyle for Indians with blonde hair because of its dark tone and warm hue. Honey blonde highlights, or a subtle honey blonde balayage would bring a warm glow to cool skin tones to upgrade your look. It’s also a trendy hair color style for you to try in the winter.

The bottom line: How do you think about blonde hair extensions and blonde hairstyle? We’d like to hear all your thoughts and experiences so, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section. Hope you like this post, keep following our website for more beauty tips, news and how-to guides.

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