Unlocking the Beauty of Blue Black Hair Color and Chic Hairstyles

Blue black hair color is now regarded as one of the hottest trends in the hair market. That’s why, not just black, dark brown or blonde, you can also discover that there are lots of hair extensions made in blue black color. Don’t skip this blog as right below, we are going to provide you with the best hairstyles you can try with blue black hair extensions.

Blue black hair color

What Is Blue Black Hair Color?

Blue black hair color is a shade that combines blue and black tones, creating a dark, rich color with a hint of blue. It is often had as a deep, midnight blue or a black shade with a bluish undertone. Bluish black hair color can be achieved through hair dye or hair color products specifically formulated for this shade.

You will achieve this blue black hair color without bleach. It is a popular choice for those looking for a bold and unique hair color that adds depth and dimension to their look.

Blue black hair
Blue black hair

What Are The Benefits of Blue Black Hair Extensions?

Nowadays, the demand for using hair extensions is increasing, many people want to choose new hair extensions with different colors. However, due to the limitations in the variety of hair colors and hairstyles on the market, customers are unable to find their satisfactory hair products and this made them very bored.

In that context, the emergence of natural blue black hair extensions is a great thing to help better meet the needs of the market. So what are the benefits of this hairstyle?

Bring Out A Uniquely Striking Appearance

There is no doubt to say that blue black hair colors always promise to provide you with a unique and striking appearance. However, this is not always everyone’s choice. To get this hair color, you need to have enough courage and confidence to sacrifice your present hairstyle.

Benefits of blue black hair extensions
Bring out a uniquely striking appearance

And if you realize that you just love to try a new hair color temporarily, we suggest hair extensions are the best options. No need to cut or bleach your hair, you still get the best appearance with the help of these hair extensions.

Easy To Combine With Many Fashion Styles

Although the fact that blue black hair extensions are not a popular hairstyle with everyone, you will definitely be addicted to this hair color. Especially, this hair color can be combined with a lot of different styles. We are not exaggerating but almost fashion styles can perfectly match this wonderful hair color.

Blue Black Hairstyles

1. Blue Black Long Bob

Don’t hesitate to try this hairstyle as it is not only simple but also attractive. If you really love to try on a new hairstyle in the simplest way, get this blue black bob because it is going to suit anyone. We would also love to tell you that this is one of the best styles. To achieve this look, a set of short blue black hair extensions are all the things you need.

Blue black long bob
Blue black long bob hairstyle

2. Short Nightfall Hair Look

Next we have a beautiful dark blue black hair look. The hair is described as falling out at night and has a beautiful blue-black tone. The blue black hair short is a great color idea and will suit everyone. You can see the shades used to create this trendy color on the page below.

Short nightfall hair look
Short nightfall hair

3. Blue Black Hair With Bangs

Are you looking for a trendy cut and stylish color? Then this one is for you. Here we have medium length hair with gorgeous bangs. This is a great style that will transform your hair.

Blue black hair with bangs
Blue black hair with bangs

4. Blue Black Box Braids

Next, we have this cute and stylish idea to share with you. This protective style features blue and black braids. The hair starts out black then fades to dark blue. This is a unique and cool color idea. You can try this look or be bold and try another black and blue color combination. Teal would be a stylish choice!

Blue black box braids
Blue black box braids

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5. Edgy Undercut

The undercut has become one of the most popular styles among women. You can cut the hair short on the back and sides and the hair on top is longer. Black hair with dark blue highlights. Try this hairstyle to change your appearance.

Edgy undercut
Edgy undercut

6. Black Hair With Blue Highlights Underneath

A popular hairstyle is black hair with blue highlights underneath. This style involves dyeing your hair black and adding blue highlights to the bottom layers or under the hair sections. Black hair creates a dark background, while blue highlights add a pop of color and create a unique, bold look. This hairstyle offers versatility as the blue highlights can be hidden or highlighted depending on how the hair is styled.

Black hair with blue highlights underneath
Black hair with blue highlights underneath

7. Blue Black Ponytail

A high ponytail is everyone’s favorite hairstyle, but if you want your regular high ponytail to look even more beautiful and gorgeous then you can try this dark blue ponytail. If you’re not ready for a long-term commitment, you can also choose a temporary blue-black hair dye that fades after just one wash. If the ends of your hair are blue and you can also get blue highlights on your black hair.

Blue black ponytail
Blue black ponytail

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8. Curly Flicks And A Bun

You don’t need to have specific long or short hair to pull off this hairstyle, nor do you need to cut your shirt for this hairstyle. All you need is dark blue hair dye and you can create voluminous curls in a bun style. Dark blue hair looks beautiful with any hairstyle, whether loose or tied into a bun. A  bun is an easy and manageable way, leaving a few loose and curled strands in the front will make you look sexier and slimmer.

Curly flicks and a bun
Curly flicks and a bun

9. Long, Tousled Layers

For a dynamic look, we highly recommend that you should find and create a midnight blue black look with a blue tint over dark or black hair. With long and tousled layers, you will satisfy to get the most luscious locks.

Long, tousled layers
Long, tousled layers

10. Wavy Blue Black Hair Extensions  

Some people may think they can only purchase blue black hair extensions made in straight texture. In fact, wavy or curly blue black hair extensions have become popular for a very long time. See how beautiful they are in these following pictures.

A lot of women choose wavy hairstyle as it brings them a gentle and feminine beauty. Also, it is the perfect choice if you girls desire to refresh yourself with a new and attractive appearance. Some people share with us that despite the fact they really love wavy hairstyles, they are afraid that this hairstyle can make them somehow older.

Wavy blue black hair
Wavy blue black hair

However, don’t be too nervous. Wavy hair, especially styled from blue black hair extensions, will, by all means, give you the most luxurious and dynamic appearance. Wavy blue black hair extension is great as not only does it help you easily style your hair, it contributes to making your face whiter and more radiant.

What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Choosing Blue Black Hair Extensions?

There are many types of hair extensions in the market but we consider that human hair extensions are the best source for a perfect hairstyle. It would be great if you can choose good quality human blue black hair extensions for your new hairstyle. One more thing you need to remember is that you should also choose the hair extensions whose color can blend well with your real hair.

If you want to color your natural hair or your hair extensions into blue black, there are some tips you need to know. Keep scrolling down to check it!!!

Things You Must Know Before Coloring Your Blue black Hair

Choosing A Qualified Hairstylist

The first note is that choosing a qualified hairstylist before dying your hair an intense color is a must, according to experts. The reason is that not only does it take plenty of technical expertise to achieve the desired hues without damaging the hair during the process, but it’s also possible for the hairstylists to learn more about their client’s lifestyle and complexion in total.

Choosing a qualified hairstylist
Choosing a qualified hairstylist before dying your hair

Lighten Your Hair As Much As Possible

Remember that dyeing your hair in a dark blue shade is one of the best ways for you to escape from a color rut. But before you can actually proceed, it’s still very important to lighten your hair as much as possible, so the dye will eventually take. Later on, you can now go with dyeing your hair in a vibrant blue shade and apply a bunch of special techniques to ensure that your hair color will last for a long time and look just as vibrant doing so.

Plan Clearly On Dyeing Your Roots

Make sure to decide just how often you want to dye your hair before you can go for your first appointment with your hairstylist. If you don’t plan clearly on dyeing your roots once every three weeks, then be sure to let them know about it. Having an open conversation with your hairdresser or colorist will help them know exactly your color preference for your upcoming hairstyle.

Plan clearly on dyeing your roots
Plan clearly on dyeing your roots

If you prefer a lighter or darker shade, and evenly how many colors you want to apply for your hair at the same time. But if your colorist completely knows about how often you want to return to the salon to do touch-ups and recolors, then they can gradually narrow down the colors to the ones that you can actually maintain in the end.

The Bottom Line

After all, what we expect is that you can succeed in finding the most suitable blue black hair extensions/hairstyles that help you more and more confident. If you have any question or need consultation, feel free to drop us a line or leave us a message.

We are always here to help you refresh yourself with our most gorgeous hair extensions. And if you want to buy high-quality blue black hair extensions, contact Apohair – The lead hair factory in Vietnam. Get in touch now and discover the beauty of our premium extensions.

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