Body Wave Hair Extensions

Having flawless hair 24/7 has always been the dream of every woman. Some are blessed with beautiful, silky natural locks, some have to turn to wigs and extensions. And if you are one of the latter, it’s time you got yourself a set of body wave hair extensions.

1. Why Choose Body Wave Hair Extensions?
If you’re seeking to add texture, volume, and waves to your hair, the body waves may be just what you’re looking for – if not to say the perfect one. The body waves are loose curls that are made into wave patterns rather than tight rolls. The hair sections are wrapped around larger rollers and inserted in some natural patterns so that the lock looks extra soft and full of movements. What’s most interesting about the body waves is that they transform your hair texture into a more long-lasting lock. By saying this we mean that the body wave hair extensions can offer you a lower-maintenance solution you’ve always wanted as well as keep you in your most gorgeous state.

Having said that, the waves can only last in a matter of 2-3 months as depend on the way you look after them. After the courses of 3 months, high chances are that you’ll need a touchup if you want to stay wavy. In other words, it’s important that you take great care of your body wavy hair extensions to keep them in the best conditions.






2. Who Needs the Body Wave Hair Extensions?
We all know how stunning the body waves are, yet they’re not the hairstyle for everyone with every face and hair type. In general, the hairdo is best for:

  • Individuals with curls yet lack definition and shape.
  • Those who want a boost for their curl without making it too tight.
  • People with fine hair that want to add body to their locks.
  • Girls who are expecting some more texture and movement for their hair.

Nevertheless, this does not mean you can’t have the body wave hair extensions. As long as your stylist decides a body wave is an acceptable option for your hair type and condition, you can have it as you want. Bear in mind that a professional stylist is the only person who can truly determine whether a body wave hairdo would suit you.

3. How to Take Care of the Body Wave Hair Extensions
Since hair extensions are, in most cases, made from human hair, it is important to take care of them just as you look after your natural tresses.

#1 Moisturizing
One thing you have to remember is that the hair extensions can be extra fragile once no longer on a human’s body. The reason for this is because human hairs get the nutrient supply from the scalps. If they’re removed from the scalp, the tresses can no longer receive the nutrients they need to remain healthy. Hence, you have to give the hair enough hydration so that it can last longer. All you need to do is to wash and deep conditioning your extensions at least once a week to keep the waves long-lasting.

#2 Conditioning
Be sure to use plenty of moisturizing conditioners as you wash your extensions. Thoroughly conditioning undertakes deep to the hair nurse, giving it the necessary compensatory nutrition and moisture. Repeat the routine every 2-3 weeks will help you keep the hair smooth and shiny throughout its lifetime.

#3 Brushing
Whether you’re wearing a wig or tape-ins, it is best to take them off when you get home. This is because rubbing the hair against our clothes or bed sheets can create fuzziness and breakages to the hair strands. When taking it off, make sure to comb your extensions with a wide-tooth comb so that they can be ready the next morning.

#4 Air-drying
When it comes to keeping your hair in its best condition, it’s a must that you place heat styling last. Instead of using heat, try to leave your hair air-dried as doing this allows the moisture to stay in your hair and thus strengthening the lock. Should you have no time to wait for your extensions to dry naturally, use the blow-dryer sparingly at the warm-setting.

Now that we have provided you with everything you need to know before getting your body wave hair extensions, it’s time you got yourself a set of body wave hair extensions from APO Hair. APO Hair delivers the body wave hair extensions in all types – from clip-ins to tapes to tips hair. Our extensions contain no chemical or mixed with synthetic hair. Our hairs are not only soft and silky but also guaranteed to create a secure yet comfortable weft while worn by the customers.

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