Hair extensions are more and more popular among women who want to boost their hair look. The convenience and benefits of hair extensions allow women to wear them all the time. However, there is a question many people wonder that “Can I play sports with hair extensions?” Every woman even who is active and energetic loves hair extensions. But whether hair extensions are fine or not for them to play sports or workout? The answer is no problem if you know some caring tips and apply suitable hairstyles when playing sports. In this post, we will help you survive your workout with hair extensions. Let’s see which tips can help you.

Avoid slippage

While playing sports, it is very important to prevent your hair from touching your forehead or your neck. This will allow your hair extensions to avoid sweat which is produced as you play sports or workout. Therefore, a high ponytail or a bun is an ideal hairstyle. Moreover, you can use headbands to keep your hair away from these places. In addition, do not style your hair too tightly as it will create extra stress on your hair, which could lead to slippage. It is suggested to wear some hairstyles such as a high ponytail, pineapple hairstyles, etc.

Avoid frizz

Another tip for workout girls with hair extensions is avoiding frizz. It is vital to keep your hair extensions from frizz and tangled. To a swimming girl, it is advised to wear a swimming cap. This will prevent your hair from water in the swimming pool. It is said that chlorinated water in the swimming pool doesn’t mesh well with hair extensions, therefore; you should try your best to protect your hair from it. In case your hair is dumped in swimming water, remember to wash your hair right after you are done.


Avoid melted bonds

Last but not least, it is vital to avoid melted bonds. Your hair is easy to be damaged by heat which is not only from styling tools but also the hot sun. In summer, if you take part in some sports like walking, running, hiking, or doing some other form of outdoor exercise, you need to protect your hair with a hat or head wrap. The heat from hot and sunny weather can damage your hair extensions considerably. Therefore, protect them as much as possible.

Above are some tips for you to play sports with hair extensions. It is necessary to protect your hair extensions in any circumstance to keep your look sunning all the time. In addition, if you are looking for some high-quality hair extensions, it is great for you to choose Apohair. This is a Vietnamese hair extensions brand which supplies natural and human hair extensions. In Apohair, you can be spoilt for choice with a variety of hair types such as clip-in hair, tape-in hair, etc. and many different length levels. With Apohair, your hair look will be up to the next level!