Have you ever heard of anyone who dyes her hair black without the use of hair dyes?

Have you known anyone who uses coffee as a kind of hair dye?

If you have not already, our post may be a surprise for you.

According to hair experts, coffee brings a lot of benefits to our hair. First, coffee encourages hair to grow faster and thicker. Secondly, coffee makes our hair soft and shiny. Especially, coffee has the ability to darken our hair. Scientists claim that coffee contains antioxidants which help to strengthen and nurture your hair.

The color of your hair after being dyed with coffee is more impressive when it is exposed to sunlight. This is a cheap, safe, simple and effective home remedy for anyone who craves for natural black hair. Also, this is an ideal suggestion for anyone who wants to get rid of pre-maturing gray hair.

It is not difficult to prepare the necessary ingredients for this dying process.

– Coffee

– Water

– Shampoo

So, how to use coffee to dye your hair black? Let’s see:

– Step 1: Brew coffee

Make strong organic coffee by adding 400-500 ml of hot water, preferably espresso or dark roast coffee. The darker the coffee is, the more effective the result is. Let the coffee cool down. Only when it is completely cool or lukewarm can it be used.

– Step 2: Mix the ingredients together

Mix the brewed coffee with 2 tablespoons of conditioner and 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. You are recommended to use a spoon. The mixture is qualified when it looks smooth enough.

You should keep in mind that these measurements are just suggestion, so there is no need to follow them exactly. You can change the figure above, basing on the length as well as the thickness of your natural hair.

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– Step 3: Use the mixture

You can apply the mixture to your hair from the hair roots to the hair ends using your hands only or a wide-tooth comb. Use a towel to wrap around your neck so that the mixture will not drop to your clothes.

When all of the mixture is applied onto your hair, gather your hair in a bun or wear a shower cap to keep the hair together.

– Step 4: Rinse the mixture out

After about one hour, wash off the mixture from your hair with clean water until all the dark water is out.

When your hair is dried, you will certainly see the result as your hair has been already darkened.

Besides using coffee to dye your hair as a way to deal with pre-maturing gray hair, wearing wig or hair extensions is also a safe method as it does not cause any harm to your hair. APOHAIR’s hair extensions are widely known for high quality, acceptable price various colors.

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