Prepare to update your appearance with fresh hair extensions? Your ideal color scheme definitely already exists, but which one will look best on you?

The color of your hair expresses your personality, much like your hair length and texture do. Each hue exudes a magnificent aura. Apohair is aware of this and provides a wide range of hair colors for you to try different looks.

And before releasing the most recent color chart with up to 40 fashionable hues, Apohair carried out an extensive study to give you the best look you’ve ever wanted. These hues are highly sought-after in markets such as America, the UK, Sweden, etc., and can undoubtedly tone up your everyday look.

Here is our color chart:

color chart

Apart from the basic color codes above, Apohair also offers trendy two-tone and three-tone colors such as balayage, highlight, piano and ombre. Just check them out and select your favorite ones!