Cosplayer’s untold stories – the beauty of Jessica Nigri no makeup

If we say being a fan can also help you make money, what do you think? Should you find it’s hard to believe, let us tell you the story of Jessica Nigri, who does her living by being a fan. The famous cosplayer often appears with her glamorous look at special events. This makes us more curious about her daily life and the beauty of Jessica Nigri no makeup. The following pictures will let you discover all the interesting moments about this celeb.

Something about Jessica Nigri

If you are a fan of anime, video games, cartoons, or comic books, you will definitely know about cosplay, right? With more than 8 million followers across different social media channels, Jessica Nigri, the 31-year-old girl from New Zealand, has now become one of the most prominent faces of cosplay.

As you might know, cosplay is actually a portmanteau of “costume play”. This is a performance art in which cosplayers dress in homemade outfits based on a specific character. Working as a cosplayer since 2009, Jessica Nigri is now one of the hottest names in this field. Besides, the pretty girl is also known as a famous promotional and glamour model. Also, she works as a Youtuber, voice actress and fan convention interview correspondent.

Being at the peak of her career, Jessica Nigri often appears in casual clothes or even no makeup. The important thing is that our girl always feels comfortable being herself, which is very wonderful.

Jessica Nigri no makeup and her life after cosplay

It can be said that Jessica Nigri’s fame these days is a rarity in the field of cosplay. For lots of enthusiasts, cosplay has not been a stepping stone into Holywood, it is just a thing. Jessica deeply shares: “For a lot of people in the community, it’s more of a personal endeavor, to push yourself”. Making every effort in her career, Jessica doesn’t forget to enjoy her life with after cosplay. We can see a very new image of the celeb, the image of Jessica without make up.

As you can see, Jessica is happy to do the things she loves. Jessica Nigri no makeup, just with her casual clothes and her free blonde hairstyle, the girl quickly attracts all the eyesight. We are completely impressed by that beauty.

Relaxing after a hard working day

For years, we have been familiar with the appearance of celebrities in gorgeous appearances. They always appear in the red carpet or on special occasions with their widest, fiercest faces and most glamorous look. Gradually, they become the inspiration for both professional and amateur makeup artists. Many started their own beauty lines or collaborated with big names like Maybelline. However, more recently, many celebrities choose to refuse their foundation or powder for fresher faces. In her relaxing time, Nigri decides to put on no makeup for the most natural and comfortable look.

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Back to blonde hair color

No lipstick, no foundation, Jessica chooses to shine with her bright hairstyle called blonde hair color. Just be simple with a medium-long straight blonde hair, Jessica Nigri without makeup is now ready to attract all of us.

Jessica no makeup with Pikachu

If you have ever seen Jessica in her Pikachu cosplay, you can’t forget a Jessica Nigri sexy, right? Recently, Jessica appears with her no-makeup image with Pikachu. This reminds us of her successful role in cosplaying the Pikachu.

In the picture, even with no makeup included, Jessica still shines in her so cute appearance. Her lovely look makes us forget that she is taking this picture without any makeup. It’s exactly the beauty of her natural look. Here we can conclude that even when she is a Jessica Nigri sexy or a cute Jessica Nigri Pikachu, our cosplayer still looks so stunning.

Being at home

Just staying at home, Jessica Nigri still lets us see that she is enjoying her life in the best way. No need full makeup, our girl choose herself the most comfortable style. That’s when she can do anything she loves without worrying that her lipstick, eyeliner or foundation could be thrown into the shade.

How do you think about these images? Do you find them attractive or not? We will receive all your comment related to this topic. However, the most important thing we always want to emphasize here is that you should be confident with your no-makeup appearance. That’s the way you will be the most comfortable with your natural look.

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