Curly Weave Hair Color for 2019 Winter

Christmas is coming! Does anyone feel fidgety as the new season rolls in? Well, we do. And do you know what this means? It’s prime time to reminisce about all the hair-color trends over the past year and prepare for a fresh start – makeup style switch-up, wardrobe clear out, and of course, a good change of hair shade. What? Your hair is too fragile to keep up with all these colorings? Well, then what are you waiting for not to have a fancy curly weave? Still don’t know what color to go for? Then you’re lucky because we’re giving you some of the coolest curly weave hair color ideas. Forget the unicorn hair or pastels, we have here some brand new out of the ordinary hair colors that will definitely keep you on-trend for this winter season.

  1. What’s a Curly Weave?

As the hair industry is now growing rapidly, the demand for hair extensions is getting higher, especially for those whose hair textures are rather rare. That’s why the curly weave hair becomes so popular nowadays. Basically. The curly weave is made of human virgin hair that is twisted to small and dense curls. Depending on the supplier, curly weave hair comes in a lot of different forms. For example, in APO Hair, we have deep curly weaves, romantic curly weaves, and Fumi curly weaves; other textures available on the market can be kinky curly or loose curly. Our products are made of 100% Vietnamese Remy hair, going through no chemical processed as well as containing no synthetic hair. All of the hair cuticles remain in the same direction. Thus, when having our curly weave products, you won’t have to worry that the hair can get tangled or shed.

  1. Curly Weave Hair Colors for 2019 Winter

We know that it’s tempting to latch on to the same things during the colder season, but isn’t it boring? And that’s when you know that you need to change your curly weave color. You know, to add some “colors” to your boring winter routine. Believe us, from the icy cold platinum to the golden brunette, the curly weave hair colors we are to provide below will liven up anyone’s look and thrive in your winter months as bold as ever!

#1 Golden-Black Brunette

This ultra-flattering shade of brunette will definitely blow your mind. It’s not only a very low maintenance color but can also add extra dimensions to your curly weave. Brunettes the skew into the black territory and some gold undertones – almost like gold flecks are reflecting off of it – would brighten up your face, no matter what skin tones you have.

#2 Blended Balayage

Well, if you are looking to a cool curly weave hair color for this festive season coming, consider having a blended balayage. Try some ashy brown tones then fade to light blonde to get some movement and shine for your weave. Keep the length, add some shades of blonde over your brown base and you can rest assured that you will be the brightest star in the room.

#3 Smoky Gold

Gold is no doubt the perfect color for the festive seasons, so is the smoky gold hue. Quite similar to the blended balayage above, smoky gold is a balayage shade that uses blonde as the main hue for the hairstyle. However, instead of the cool blonde, we use the dark blonde for this hairdo, as it can pick up on the ashy brown tone. With a very subtle touch of gold at the face frame and the ends, you will have an extra soft and glossy, shiny smoky gold color for your curly weave.

#4 Citrus Sombré

One of the newest hair color trends this 2019 winter is this fresh take citrus sombré shade, and it’s no doubt that the color will be seeing everywhere in the upcoming 2020. Tangerine, mandarin, pumpkin, apricot, etc. – such tones are matches made in heaven with the pastel look, which will refresh your look and brighten up your day.

#5 Dirty Brunette

Well, brunette never dies, and that’s the fact!  A dirty brunette is the hair shade where a natural brown color incorporates dark blonde pieces. Yet, the hair is still more of the brunette side, unlike the smoky golden. This curly weave hair color will be a great change for those who familiar with super cool or warm tones, as it is a perfect balance between the two tones.

The transition from fall to winter also means that your great hair is getting into some dryness hazards. It is essential that you follow strictly your hair care routine. A proper hair care routine in combination with the chilly, zero-humidity climate will bring you a natural shine and less frizzy hair look. This means that your best time to visit your hairstylist to get a new hair color for your weave is coming. So what’re you waiting for? Get up and get your fresh shade for your hair now! And of course, make sure you share your story in our comment below and follow us to keep up with our latest updates.


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