Organizational culture is considered as an essential element and intangible asset that contributes to the strength of the Company. Along with the mission of striving to fulfill the annual production and business tasks, Apohair Company always focuses on promoting the construction of corporate culture in the Company. Especially, the organization of cultural and physical training activities is an important part of building the corporate culture of the Company. Recognized as the king of sports, football/soccer is one of the most famous and popular sports in the world because of the potential effect it brings. Football is not only good for men’s health but today there are many girls who also pursue this sport. Hence, Apohair held a football match on 7th November for all employees in the company.

Something about APO Import Export Joint Stock Company

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What’s new in the APO Football Tournament?

Each month, our corporate culture department always sets plan to organize some outside activities. What makes us happy is that all the employees in the company are really excited about taking part in the Football Tournament held in this November. So why do we decide to hold this football match for our employees?

Firstly, this will certainly be a good chance for employees to improve their health.

There is no doubt that our employees have to confront a lot of difficulties in their workday. Gradually, they would feel stressed because of their workload and this will lead to reduce their work efficiency in the near future. Knowing this, our company leaderships held this activity as a work outside day. Everyone would have a day off without covering it. On average, each player must run at least 8 – 11 km in a match lasting about 90 minutes. This 90-minute walk and run routine would keep their heart rate high, similar to when you do exercises that improve cardiovascular health.

The winner

  • Secondly, it refers to our desire to strength solidarity in the company.

Besides improving health, this activity also strengthens solidarity among members ofApohair Company. Before and after football match, they can sit together and chit chat with each other that they are not allowed doing during theirwork time. Moreover, playing football can raise teamworkability as this ability is very beneficial to achieve a goal together.

Happy moments

How did the tournament take place?

Excellent goalkeeper

The match takes place with the competition of 4 teams. Each team consists of 7 females and 1 male.Many people mistakenly think that girls are weak, but it would be wrong if they witnessed the strong competition among young girls in 4 teams.

APO family

Tournament ended, there are winners, losers. However, after all we still see the smile on each APO member’s lips. All we can feel here are fun, solidarity and beautiful memories that we have for each other on weekends. Although we had a quite tiring day and after the tournament,almost all of us complain about our feet hurt, it’s undeniable that we have had the best moments together.