Dookie Braids – What Are They and How to Style Them

Every year, or even every month, there is a new hair trend. However, if we’re paying great attention, these trends are actually cyclical; they just shuffling and then coming back as after some time. And for this year come back, we have here one of the most old school looks – the Dookie braids. Looking back at its glory days, they have definitely come a long way, from the go-to hairstyle in schools to a next-level makeover. For those who are hair freaks, let’s find out what Dookie braid is and how to style them

Dookie Braids Hairstyles

What Are Dookie Braids?

As it stems from the Black, a lot of us might not be familiar with what Dookie braid is. Basically, Dookie braid is freely hanged braids. The plaits will start super thick at the roots and then get thin out at the ends as our natural hair texture. Dookie braid can be styled as a ponytail, an up-do, a bun, etc. This was considered one of the best hairstyles to protect healthy looks.

Why are they called dookie braids? It’s because Dookie braid was super popular back then in the ‘90s among school girls but soon went out of the map. Being said that, Dookie braid has now come back as this summer’s trendiest hairstyle for girls. Impressive as the comeback, Dookie braid is now upgraded into an even more polished version, yet they still retain iconic with the thick braids and taper at the ends. Dookie braid is often accessorized with sophisticated hair jewelry or sometimes fierce metallic pieces.

What are dookie braid
Definition of dookie braid

The best part about this type of hairstyle is how Dookie braid manages to be a low-maintenance protective lock while keep you look stylish however you do it. They are not only very protective and practical but also versatile as you can opt for any colors, styles, and lengths to your liking.

It isn’t expensive to wear Dookie braids, yet many of you have no idea about how to style Dookie braid. No worry because that’s exactly why we post this article – we’re going to give you the guide on how to style Dookie braid and some gorgeous ways to do them.

How To Style Dookie Braids?

To prep for the looks, you need a styling gel, a hairbrush, hair ties, and a flat iron. Normally, growing your hair super long for braids was how you style a Dookie-braids look. As for the present, all you need is a set of hair extensions, and you’re ready to have your lock. And if you are still looking for a reliable address to buy high-quality Remy hair extensions with a reasonable price, come to APOHAIR. Visit our website to see details information about all products

First thing first, you’ll start with cleaning your hair thoroughly before using applying a heat protectant on the tresses. Flat iron your hair if you feel like it or your strands are too fuzzy to put into braids. After you flat ironing the hair, part it into small sections and put them into ponytails. Depending on how thick you want your braids are, take a strip of extensions with the suitable thickness and wrap it into the root of the ponytail. Repeat this step for the remaining ponies.

Next, braid all the way down until you reach the end and stop it using a hair tie. Some of you may want your locks to look real; in that case, you can choose to have the ends trimmed so it’ll look much more natural. Should you rather a thicker look, you can also consider using more extensions to add density and heft to the overall look. Make sure to make use of accessories like barrettes for the perfect Dookie braids hairdo.

Eye-catching Dookie Braids Hairstyles 

As we have mentioned above, Dookie braid can be done differently as up-dos, ponytails, and even braided braids. Up next we have a list of eye-catching hairstyles you should definitely try at least once and how to style these Dookie braid.

Bohemian Braids

Bohemian hair and Dookie braids are two of the most followed trends this summer, so why not try combining these trends together? We’re 100% sure that the results will take you by surprise. In fact, it’s very easy to sport Dookie braid Bohemian style. What you want to do is to keep the plaits flow long and accessorize them with some hair accessories such as beads, clasps or flowers to show off the Bohemian vibe.

Bohemian braids
Bohemian braids

Braided Braids

One of the classic! It is not only chic but also a super effortless. You can actually wear this hairstyle anywhere any time you like – from a formal seminar to a casual night out with your BFFs. Once you finished braiding all the small ponytails, divide the plaits into 3 sections and braid them as normal. And voila, you’re ready to go.

Braided braid
Braided braid

Half up Top Knot Braids

The last hairstyle we’d like to recommend is the half up top knot Dookie braids. This is one of our favorite upgraded versions of the up-do Dookie braid. It’s the flawless combination of chic and cuteness. The flowing long braids bring out the playful-bright vibe with some touches of color. If you’re looking for a cute look for your camping trip, well, this half-up top knot braids do is definitely the one.

Half up Top Knot Braid
Half up Top Knot Braid

Classic Dookie Braids

These are simple, medium-sized dookie braid that fall naturally. They can be worn as a casual everyday look or dressed up for special occasions.

Classic Dookie Braids
Classic Dookie Braid

Dookie Braids Updo

Gather your dookie braids into a high bun, low bun, or a sleek ponytail for an elegant and polished look. You can also create braided buns or twists for added texture and flair.

Dookie Braid Updo
Dookie Braid Updo

Half-Up Half-Down Dookie Braids

For a trendy and stylish look, leave the top half of your dookie braid down while securing the bottom half in a ponytail or bun. This style is great for showcasing your braids while keeping your hair off your face.

Half-Up Half-Down Dookie Braid
Half-Up Half-Down Dookie Braid

Dookie Braids with Beads or Hair Jewelry

Enhance your dookie braids with decorative beads, cuffs, or other hair accessories. These add a unique touch to your hairstyle and can be customized to match your personal style.

Dookie Braid with Beads or Hair Jewelry
Dookie Braid with Beads or Hair Jewelry

Dookie Braids vs Box Braids – What Are Their Differences?

Dookie braid and box braid are two popular styles of braided hair that differ in various aspects, including their appearance, size, and the braiding technique used. Here are the main differences between the two:

Braiding Technique:

Dookie Braids: Dookie braid is typically created using a two-strand twisting or braiding technique. This means that two sections of hair are twisted or braided together to form each individual braid. This technique can create a slightly looser and more textured look.

Box Braids: Box braids are created using a three-strand braiding technique. Three sections of hair are intertwined to form each individual braid. This technique results in neater, more uniform, and box-shaped braids.

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Size and Thickness:

Dookie Braids: Dookie braid is generally larger and thicker compared to box braids. They can vary in size but are typically wider and have a more voluminous appearance.

Box Braids: Box braids are smaller and thinner in comparison to dookie braid. They are usually uniform in size and have a sleeker, more polished look.


Both dookie braid and box braid can be created at various lengths, depending on personal preference. They can be short, medium, or long.

Dookie Braids vs Box Braids
Dookie Braids vs Box Braids

Duration of Installation:

Dookie Braids: Dookie braid is often quicker to install because they are larger and fewer braids are needed to cover the entire head.

Box Braids: Box braids generally take longer to install because they are smaller and more numerous, requiring more time and patience during the braiding process.

Styling Options:

Both dookie braid and box braid offer versatility when it comes to styling. You can wear them straight, curled, or in various updos and ponytail styles.


Dookie braid and box braid both require regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh. This includes washing, conditioning, and retouching the roots as your natural hair grows.


Both styles are known for their durability and can last for several weeks to months, depending on how well they are cared for.

Tension on the Scalp:

Dookie braid can sometimes be more gentle on the scalp due to their larger size and looser tension during installation.

Differences Between Dookie Braids and Box Braids
Differences Between Dookie Braids and Box Braids

How To Maintain Dookie Braids Hairstyles?

Now that you’ve already known what Dookie braids are and how to style them, we thought that there are some important things to note when it comes to hair care and maintenance. Dookie braids are a protective hairstyle; it is normal that you leave the hairstyle for several weeks. As you want to leave it this long, you will need to do some basic works for scalp maintenance. It is of most importance that you always carry the dry shampoo with you. Once your locks become too oily or there is too much residue, spray it to the roots. The dry shampoo will absorb the excess oil and grease, keeping your hair sanitized.

Either your personal hair or your extensions need moisture to avoid frizz and maintain shiny and smooth. That’s why you’ll need a hair oil and a deep conditioner for your hair care routine.

Last but not least, the heat protectant. If you’re planning to style your braids with heat products like straighteners, or hair dryers, or you’re going out, exposing your lock to the sun, then the heat protectant is exactly what you need. It will protect your hair from the heat and the UV rays from the sun, prevent any breakages or burns that

How To Maintain Dookie Braids Hairstyles
Maintaining Dookie Braids Hairstyles

The bottom line

What do you think about our post on Dookie Braids: What are they and how to style them? We hope you feel inspired and that you can try rocking this look. Should you have any ideas or stories about hair, make sure to share it with us in the comment section below.

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