Dreadlocks Twist Hairstyle – One of the most unique hairstyles ever!!!

dreadlocks twists hairstyle

We have too many things to talk about dreadlocks but today we want to spend more time and focus more on dreadlocks twists hairstyle – one of several dreadlocks hairstyles that have been available to black women for a long time. Let’s get started with some specific concepts of this unique hairstyle.

What is the dreadlocks twists hairstyle?

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It is vital for us to understand each concept included in this hairstyle. What are dreadlocks? the twists? What do we mean by “dreadlocks twists” hairstyle? Let’s examine each of those phrases.


Dreadlocks, commonly known as locs, dreads, are ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding the hair. This hairstyle is widely applied in the African area. So far, members of various African ethnic groups have been wearing locks, the styles and significance of which may differ from one group to another. Also, this is one of the leading hairstyles that are favorite of both men and women.

Regardless of hair type, hair texture and the start of the method used, dreadlocks require a lot of time before they are fully matured. The process the hair goes through as it develops into matured dreadlocks is continuous. Even, it can take one or more than several years to complete dreads. It means if you guys love this hairstyle, you need to be really patient and wait for a long time to achieve perfect dreadlocks.

Hair Twists

Hair twists are regarded as a popular hairstyle with Afro-textured hair around the world. Sometimes, it is also applied with other hair textures. In general, this style is achieved by dividing the hairs into several sections and then twisting strands of hair and twisting two twisted strands around one another. Note that these hairstyles are not to be confused with larger and longer dreadlocks.

Twists are considered to be one among many ways to create dreadlocks. It is much easier for twists to be successfully made if natural curly hair is still wet and somewhat relaxed from soaking with hot water. However, twists can also be created with dry hair for a different texture.

When we mention to dreadlocks twists hairstyle, it means we are talking about a very typical type of dreadlocks hairstyle – twist the dreadlocks. It is one of the most effective ways that help bring a completely new look to your dreadlocks.

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How to twist dreadlocks to achieve dreadlocks twists hairstyle?

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We often think of twisting and re-twisting as two main ways to start dreadlocks. In fact, these two methods are pretty much the same thing. Basically, twisting refers to when you first start your dreads. Re-twisting is a popular type of maintenance done to tighten your dreadlocks. Whatever way it is, two main case acts with the main idea to put a locking cream of some type on the hair or dreads, twists it and allow it to dry twisted. Here, you only need to spin the dreadlock until it is under enough tension to compress it and make it feel tight.

Twist and Re-twist

What if you are about to re-twisting longer dreadlocks that have already started to mature at the body and tip of the dread? The answer is that you can usually concentrate your twisting on the first 3 inch of each dread near the roots. Wait until the dread is twisted, pin, clip or attach the dread in some manner to hold it in this twisted position. And you are going to achieve the best dreadlocks twists hairstyle.

After the dreadlocks are twisted and secured, you should let the dreadlocks be dried with a hairdryer. Don’t forget to take care not to overheat the hair as this is going to do more harm than good. Now, wait until the dreadlocks have been dry completely and sit for at least 3 hours if possible. At that time, you can definitely release or un-clip the dreads. During all the steps of this process, the quantity of the dreadlock twists cream used, how rough you are with the dreads and your activity levels are three mains factors determining how long the twists will stay tight. The ability to work better of different clips depends on the length of the dreadlocks. But in general, most will do fine as long as the dreadlocks twists are held in the right way so that they cannot un-twist.

How often should you twist your dreadlocks?

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Due to the fact that many people want to maintain their dreadlocks, they often choose to twist theirs more and more. This is never a good solution. It is important for you to know that frequent twisting tends to thin and breaks the strands of your hair, making your hair weaker and thinner. We highly recommend that you should only re-twist your dreadlocks every four weeks.

Is dreadlock dirty of smell?

None of them is true. Dreadlocks twists are only dirty when you do not spend time taking care of them and washing them carefully. Many people wonder if they can wash dreadlocks or not. Some even choose to refuse to shampoo their dreadlocks twists without realizing that not washing is the best way to ruin them. You should wash your dreadlock at least once a week to make sure your hairstyle is always clean and healthy.

Dreadlocks twists hairstyle is really an interesting topic to discover and also a great idea to change your hairstyle. Leave your comment here or contact us directly if you want to know anything more about dreadlocks. If you are really interested in this hairstyle, just tell us and we are ready to support you. APOHAIR – always be by your side in your journey of shining beauty.