Everything you need to know about human weave hair extensions

In your hair extension exploring adventure, you’ve probably come across the word “human hair wefts” or “human weave hair extensions” on numerous occasions. This type of hair extension has become popular due to its advantages. They come in different lengths, textures, and colors that fit any taste. For those who want to add length and volume to your lock but have no idea about what weave hair extensions are and how many ways to apply human hair wefts are available, APO will provide you with everything you need to know about human weave hair extensions.

What are weave hair extensions?

A hair weave (also known as hair weft) is a popular type of hair extension. Basically, it’s a collection of hair strands that have been woven together onto a long weft. The method by which the hair strands are stitched together differs. The wefts can be hand-tied or machine-sewn. Both offer specific advantages and disadvantages. And your hair type is one of the main deciding factors when it comes to which type of weave hair is more suitable for you.

Human weave hair extensions
A hair weave (also known as hair weft) is a popular type of hair extension

Since hand-tied wefts are lightweight, this type of weave hair won’t pull on the hair and put much less pressure on the hair; therefore, people with finer blocks will find it much more suitable. Machine wefts are an ideal option for people with medium to thicker hair. Plus, people with thick or textured natural hair also can use hand-tied wefts. According to your hair thickness, the hairstylists or hairdressers can help you determine how much hair you’ll need and which type of weave hair fits you the most.

Besides, depending on your budget and preference, you may want to pick between human weave hair extensions and synthetic weave hair extensions. Each type of hair has its own advantages and limitations. Human hair wefts are made of real human hair, so they bring the “real” feel and look to your lock, and they can last up to one year or longer with proper maintenance. Human Hair wefts can be bleached, dyed and straightened, or curled with heat. That’s why people prefer human weave hair extensions to synthetic wefts, even though synthetic wefts are much cheaper than weave hair extensions made of human hair, and they’re getting better and better.

The origin of the hair used for human weave hair extensions

Have you ever wondered where the human weave hair extension you are using or that your favorite celebrity is using comes from? You may believe that the packaging of the hair extension will tell you exactly where it came from, whether it’s Remy or non-Remy, and Indian or Brazilian hair. But the fact is, it’s difficult to trace the origin of much of the hair on the market. Most people buying human wefts are unaware of the ethics of where the human weave hair extensions come from or how they are made.

Chances are you have read some articles or watched the news about scissors-wielding thieves attacking women in some countries around the world. That’s criminal. Unlike plenty of hair manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers who are deliberately misleading about the origin of their hair or who are coming up with other ways to make hair wefts look “real” as real human weave hair extensions, APOHAIR – one of the first ethical and totally transparent companies in the human hair extension industry in Vietnam, only use Vietnamese Remy hair to produce top-notch hair extensions and wigs.

All the hair is ethically sourced from women who want to use the money to help their family get by, to put food on the table, to give their children a chance to go to school, or from the young ladies who need to pay for books and tuition at school next semester. Women sell hair to better their lives, and APOHAIR buys hair at a fair price to create businesses that enrich our community.

Why opt for weave hair extensions?

Why opt for weave hair extensions
Human weave hair extensions have some noticeable benefits

Human hair weaves are loved and worn by more and more women these days, but why? Besides instantly adding length and volume to your locks, why a weave hair extension might be an ideal option for you? Here are some noticeable benefits of hair wefts:

  • Weaves come in all shapes and sizes: You can easily pick a weave hair extension that suits your budget and needs.
  • Weaves protect your hair: Weaves sit close to the scalp. They protect your hair from damage caused by heat, wind, environmental pollution, and so on. Most application methods use no chemicals and heat.
  • Weaves are versatile: Weft hair extensions give you the ability to change your hairstyle after a few days. You can even bleach and color your human weave hair extensions for extra.

Some common ways to install human weave hair extensions

Human weave hair extensions can be installed in different methods to suit your hair type and desired result. Here are 4 main hair weft installation methods that APOHAIR wants to introduce to you.

LA/Celebrity weave

The LA Weave (also called Celebrity Weave) is a braidless weave method that uses micro rings (microbeads), a thread, and a needle to apply. It’s also known as an improved version of the micro-ring weft that doesn’t use any braids, heat, or glue. 

LACelebrity weave

Micro-rings are added close to the scalp creating a “track” or a base to attach the weft. These micro-rings are pressed into place with pliers. Each micro ring is spaced a few centimeters apart. Then, the weft is placed neatly on top and sewn to the micro-rings using a curved needle and thread. 

Sewn-in weave

Sew-in weft hair extensions
Sew-in weft hair extensions

The sewn-in weave is a traditional technique where weave hair extensions are sewn to the braids. Your hair is washed, blow-dried, and braided down in a certain pattern to create a foundation. Your stylist or hair-dresser then uses thread and curved needles to directly attach hair wefts to the braids or put a net on and sew through it.

Micro-ring weft 

Micro-ring weft hair extensions application
Micro-ring weft hair extensions application

Before the LA weave was created, the micro-ring weft was an enhanced version of the sewn-in weave. The micro-ring weft is the most popular method of weft hair extension application. The weft is placed horizontally in strips against your head. Small sections of your natural hair and hair from the weave hair extensions are gently pulled through micro-rings. Then, these rings will be pressed with pliers to make the weft stay in place. Those sections are spaced a few centimeters apart.

Glued-in weave

Glue-in hair extensions
Glue-in hair extensions

The glued-in weave is considered to be the least used method of installing a weave hair extension because of some reasons such as hair bonding glue can damage your natural hair or glue can ruin your weave hair. After the wefts are measured and cut to size and the hair is neatly divided into horizontal sections, your hairstylist applies a thin layer of glue to the track on the weft and then places the weft against the sectioned hair and press firmly until it’s dry.

Hair care tips to make your human weave hair extensions last longer and look better

Same as your natural hair, human weave hair extensions also require care and attention. The better you take care of your human wefts, the longer they will last. So, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with some of the best habits to help your locks last longer.

Hair care tips to make your human weave hair extensions last longer and look better
How to maintain human weave hair extensions properly
  • Wash your weave hair extensions at least once a week: Oils and dirt cause build-up over time. If you feel like your weave hair extensions become increasingly hard to style, then it’s the right time to wash them. Make sure to nourish and moisturize your extensions with alcohol and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Be gentle when washing.
  • Air – dry your weft hair extensions wherever possible: Use microfiber to remove excess water, do not scrub. If you don’t have time to air-fry your hair extensions, you can blow-dry it but make sure you use a heat protectant spray before blow-drying to protect your hair extensions from heat, even when you style your hair with heat.
  • Sleep with a satin scarf/pillow: You should never sleep with wet extensions. The best way to protect your hair when sleeping is to use a satin scarf/cap and pillow. You can do a ponytail or loose braid (for curly hair) and wrap it with/without a satin scarf. These items help your hair retain moisture and keep it soft and avoid tangling.
  • Gently comb out human weave hair extensions: Invest in a quality brush and always comb your hair extensions gently. Hold the part near the root with one hand while brushing from the tips and slowly work your way to the root.
  • Do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair extensions: To keep your weave hair extensions smooth and shiny, you can use argan oil, coconut oil, and macadamia oil.
  • Give your natural hair and weave hair a break: Remove your hair extensions and let your scalp some time to breathe. Wrap your human weave hair extensions in breathable cotton material to keep dust away and store them for the next usage.

What type of weave hair extensions is perfect for you?

APOHAIR introduced to you four common methods to install weave hair extensions. Depending on the look you want to achieve and your convenience, you can pick Glued-in weave, LA weave, Sewn-in weave, or Micro-ring weave. If you want to have a more natural look and keep the human weave hair extensions for a long time, just pick one from LA weave, Sewn-in weave, and Micro-ring weave. These methods are quite similar and they are suited for medium to thick density hair the most. However, you need a hairstylist to install hair wefts for you. 

So what about Glued-in weave? Glued-in weave is an ideal option for short-term wear. It lasts no longer than one to two weeks. Besides, you can apply Glued-in weave by yourself at home without a hairstylist. 

Well, you’ve just embarked on a journey to explore everything you need to know about human weave hair extensions. If you look for further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Besides, make sure to browse through our collection of products here at APOHAIR to go deeper into the world of premium and ethical human hair extensions.

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