Discovering Your New Look with Perfect 28 Inch Human Hair Extensions 

Long, think and stunning hair is your dream hair? If yes, instead of spending hours at the hair salon and have your natural hair styled, you can choose hair extensions and create your favorite styles at home. Apohair’s 28 inch human hair extensions will help you achieve perfect hairstyles in the shortest time. If you want to make your appearance more and more attractive, believe us, you couldn’t miss this post.

28 Inch Hair Extensions

What Are 28 Inch Hair Extensions?

28 inches in length is on the list of the longest hair extensions in Apohair. The bottom of the hair can reach to your butt. You can’t imagine how gorgeous you are when you own this hair. Moreover, it also makes it easier for you to style your hair in many different ways. Straight hair will lengthen your height and make you look younger. Believe me!!

Definition of 28 inch hair extensions
Definition of 28 inch hair extensions

It is not too complicated to understand that 28 inch human hair extensions is made of human hair. However, human hair also includes different types. Two typical types you can see in the hair market today are remy hair and non-remy hair.

A piece of good news is that our 28 inch hair is 100% made of human remy hair, meaning that all hair cuticle remain and face the same direction. It means you don’t need to worry about hair tangling. The hair you receive will definitely be smooth and silky.

How Long Is 28 Inch Hair?

In hair length chart, a 28 inch hair length would normally reach just above the waist and about the lower back. Those who want to use hair extensions of this length will have a significant and elegant look. Keep in mind that the actual length can vary significantly based on factors such as the individual’s height and where the hair extensions are fastened.

Hair length chart
Hair length chart

What Are The Textures Of 28 Inch Hair?

Straight Hair

There is no doubt that straight hair is the simplest hair textures for hair extensions. Natural straight hair is also the easiest hair to make hair extensions. If you can purchase good quality human hair extensions, you can use it during a long time. In addition, good quality hair extensions allow you to turn straight hair into curly or wavy hair more easily. This is convenient, especially when you are too fed up with your old straight hairstyle.

28 inch straight hair
28 inch straight hair

Wavy Hair

In some special days, you just like to change your hairstyle a little bit. One of the fastest way is to use hair extensions that bring you new look. If you are having straight hair, we believe wavy hair extensions would be the best choice. Wavy hair looks quite like waves that are flowing in the wind. So romantic, right? Because wavy hair extensions are like the waves, they make other people think that your hair is so soft, light and smooth.

28 inch wavy hair
28 inch wavy hair

Everyone wants to touch it. There are many types of wavy hair for hair extensions. You can hear somewhere about the most typical ones such as natural wavy, deep wavy, fumi wavy, body wavy, bouncy wavy or roll bouncy wavy hairstyle.

Curly Hair

You will also see some girls who are always full of energy with their long curls. Some people wonder which hair texture is the best. In fact, there is no way to say which one is better. It is important that you figure out which one suits your face the most. Some outstanding textures for curly hair in the market you can find are loose curly, deep curly, kinky curly, romantic curly and fumi curly hairstyle.

28 inch curly hair
28 inch curly hair

What Makes Apohair Different?

Many competitors in the hair business couldn’t deny many exceptional features of Apohair.

  • 100% our hair products are from natural hair. There is no existence of synthetic hair or chemicals added.
  • Since our foundation, we are very happy to gain our customers’ trust by providing high-quality hair products.
Silky human hair extensions
Silky human hair extensions
  • Our familiar customers come from many big countries in the world like the USA, India, Nigernia…. And we are trying to expand internationally as much as we can.
  • 28 inch human hair extensions would erase your worry about thin hair or fine hair. Let’s contact us to own one right now.

Furthermore, we have diverse textures for you to choose. From 28 inch straight hair to 28 inch curly hair

What Colors Are Available?

When it comes to the color of 28 inches hair extensions, many people tend to be confused. That is a common situation because choosing the right color which can enhance your face and your skin is not easy. Here are some of our colors for hair extensions I believe that you will like them.

First of all, let’s talk about the dark colors first. A lot of people have the wrong perception that dark colors are only for middle-aged and old people. That is not true. If you have a look at Selena Gomez and Emilia Clarke (they used to have black hair), you will see that black and brown colors are also so gorgeous. They make your hair look so natural that no one can realize it is hair extensions. Plus, your skin will be enhanced that it looks healthy and strong.

Color ring of Apohair for you to choose the right color
Color ring of Apohair for you to choose the right color

Dark color hair extensions also give you a sense of nature. It is like you do not have to be something colorful, just be yourself and still, people love you.

Second of all, light colors are getting more and more popular among people all around the world. If you have a look at Asian people you will see that they love light colors too. They have natural hair color as black and brown but now they can change to some color such as yellow, brunette, or even pink and red.

In Apohair, we offer light colors such as light brown and blonde color. These are young colors so they will create a young image and dynamic appearance for people who use it.

Apohair’s 28 Inch Hair Extensions Types

Apohair has a large selection of 28 inch human hair extensions to meet a variety of hair demands and tastes. Our selection of 28 inch hair extensions includes clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, human hair wigs, and hair weaves.

28 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are an easy and adaptable solution to rapidly modify your hair. These extensions come with clips that make it simple to connect them, making them ideal for adding length and volume to your natural hair.

Clip in hair extensions
Clip in hair extensions

Whether you want to attain a dramatic, long-haired look for a special occasion or simply want to modify your style for a short period of time, these 28 inch clip-in extensions are a quick and easy answer. They are simple to remove and do not require professional installation.

28 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions 

Tape in hair extensions are a semi-permanent alternative for those who want to look natural and flawless. When properly placed, these extensions are fastened with adhesive tapes that are nearly unnoticeable.

Tape in hair extensions
Tape in hair extensions

They provide long-lasting results, making them a popular alternative for people who want to have longer hair without having to make frequent modifications. The 28 inch tape in hair extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair, providing for a variety of styling options and a simple care regimen.

28 Inch Human Hair Wig 

A 28 inch human hair wig provides a full change in a single piece of clothing. These wigs are made from actual human hair and provide the highest level of realism and quality. They are available in a variety of styles and textures, helping you to get the desired look, whether it is sleek and straight or curly and voluminous.

Human wig hair extensions
Human wig hair extensions

The length of 28 inch human hair extensions offers a striking and dramatic effect, making it an excellent choice for anyone wishing to make a statement. Human hair wigs give styling options as well as a comfortable and breathable solution for people looking for a new and remarkable look.

28 Inch Hair Weave 

28 inch of hair weaves provide a more long-lasting alternative for people who want to extend their hair length and fullness. Weaves are created by sewing or braiding extensions into your natural hair, resulting in a secure and long-lasting bond. This method provides exceptional stylistic freedom, letting you to experiment with numerous looks and textures.

Luxury flat weft hair extensions
Luxury flat weft hair extensions

The 28 inch hair weave is ideal for people who want to keep their long locks for a longer period of time while still having the ability to style their hair as they like. These weaves merge beautifully with your natural hair to create a stunning, cascading look.

How To Take Care Of 28 Inch Hair Extensions?

Don’t ignore 28 inch hair extensions despite the fact that it is not our natural hair. It is vital that you know how important it is when you can take care of your hair extensions properly. Hair extensions are human hair. That’s why we need to treat them the way we do with our real hair. Washing and conditioning hair extensions are two necessary steps for you to keep the hair extensions clean and healthy. In this way, you can save the hair for many other times using.

Hai colors of 28 inch hair extensions
Colors of 28 inch hair extensions

Apohair hopes that all the information related to 28-inch hair extensions will be useful for you. As the leading Vietnam hair supplier, we offer a wide range of types and colors ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches in length. For further information, please contact Apohair directly, and we are ready to help you all the time.


Finally, with Apohair’s exquisite 28 inch human hair extensions, the route to discovering your new style has never been easier. Our high-quality extensions provide you the length, volume, and adaptability you want while remaining natural and flawless. It’s time to confidently and stylishly accept the new you.

Apohair is a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier to consider. So, are you ready to transform your image with our excellent 28-inch hair extensions? Visit Apohair today and browse our extensive collection of alternatives to find the ideal match for your personal style. Don’t put it off any longer; take the first step toward a fresh and beautiful look right now!

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