French girl hair hacks – 5 Steps for a perfect French girl’s hairstyle

The beauty of the modern French girl always receives much praise and love from the public. In that beauty, we cannot forget to talk about their hairstyles. If you are getting a burning desire to achieve such an attractive hairstyle, keep reading this blog to look for the best French girl hair hacks and try them.

For the perfect hairstyle, we are going to provide you some basic steps which you should follow and pay much attention to.

Step 1: Part hair to one side

french girl hair hack 1

In this very first step for French girl hair hacks, you need to part your hair to one side. Note that you should not use a comb in this process. Instead, try to use your hands to flip the hair. It is amazing that the messier, the better. The fact is that it is easier for us to style the hair if it is not too smooth, believe us.

Step 2: Tease and twist at the crown

french girl hair hack 2

This step may be a little bit difficult so you need to be so patient. Now, you start to grab half of your bangs and all of the hair on the top center of your head to tease at the crown using a rat tail comb. Keep on twisting that teased hair and then use some bobby pins to hold it in the right place.

Step 3: Repeat on each side 

french girl hair hack 3

Sometimes, a just-rolled-out-of-bed look seems so exciting. If you love that hairstyle, grab the rest of your bangs, if possible, let a few slip through your fingers and also grab a section of hair along the right side of your head and this should be from your bangs to the eyebrow. Find a rat tail comb to tease it like the way you did in the first section of the hair.

The next thing to do in the French girl’s hair hacks is to twist the hair and at the same time, pin that into place with bobby pins over the first section of pinned hair. Doing in that way, you will definitely get a more natural cascading look.

Keep on doing the same thing with the opposite section of hair. Tease, twist and also, don’t forget to pin into place over the last section.

Step 4: Curl your bangs

french girl hair hack 4

If you can curl your bangs, your hairstyle would look so attractive. However, the step is more suitable for girls who own long bangs, layers. To make this curly bang hairstyle, grab a 1-inch curling iron and loosely curl the pieces of hair. Please note that those pieces of hair had better be the ones that naturally fall and frame your face. In order to add that final voluminous punch, take your rat tail comb and then tease the roots of your bangs.

Step 5: Pull into a hair-wrapped pony

french girl hair hack 5

Such a wonderful hairstyle you can see right here. To get that gorgeous look, grab all the hair in the back of your head into a mid-height ponytail. Gently secure with an elastic band, leaving out one strand to use to wrap the elastic. If you want to secure the wrapped hair underneath, use bobby pins as the main method. In this step, make sure that the ponytail is not too loose to fall out. Also, it should not be too tight as the tight hairstyle can put pressure on your hair.

The ponytail hairstyle for French girl hair hacks can be achieved in various ways and all of the styles are so beautiful. These contribute much to create a luxurious and noble beauty for our girls.

How to achieve that look if you have thin hair?

You love these French girl hair hacks and you want to once try on this glamorous hairstyle. Sadly, it coincides with the time you realize that your hair is too thin and it will take much time as well as effort if you determine this style. Right at that time, think about using hair extensions as the best solution.

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Super double drawn (Double-drawn type 2): Nearly 100% of the strands in super double drawn extensions are at the same length, which contributes to the ultimate boost of volume to your original lock. The fact that the super double drawn hair’s quality, as compared to the other types, is superior, this type of hair extensions can be costly depending on how long the hair you want to buy is.

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