The face shapes are not just about a round or oval face. It can also be a diamond face shape. It is common knowledge that each face shape fits different hairstyles which contribute to frame your face and boost your look. It is great if you have this kind of face shape as you have something in common with gorgeous women like Tyra Banks, Megan Fox, Rosario Dawson, etc. To look for the glamorous hairstyles for your face shape, you can refer to their ones. Moreover, hair extensions can also support you. Apohair now is going to introduce you some hairstyles to help you be confident with your look.

Determine your face shape

Before going further into each hairstyle, it is important to know how to determine your face shape. There are some keywords to help you measure such as cheekbones, jawline, forehead, hairline and so on. Specifically, you have a diamond shaped face if some following conditions are suitable for you. First, it is about high and pointed cheekbones – they are considered as the widest parts of your face. Second, your jawline is more pointed than angular. Third, your narrow jawline and forehead have the same width. Fourth, your hairline is narrower and tapers just like your jawline. Finally, the length of your face is longer than its width.

Those are key points to help you choose the right hairstyles for your diamond shaped face.

Now, we are going to see which hairstyles are great for this kind of face shape and how they are effective.

Side swept hairstyle

To frame your diamond shaped face, this curly hairstyle is great. The hair is swept to one side, which looks gorgeous. This style also contributes to adding volume to your hair. If your hair is too thin for this style, some 20 inches hair extensions can help you.

Slight waves hairstyle

In this picture, Camila Alves is smart to style her hair in middle parting rightly. By combining this style and the waves right near her cheeks, she looks stunning. In addition, the slight waves hairstyle makes your jawline look broader so that your cheekbones are highlighted.


Feathered bangs hairstyle

The hairstyle with bangs also is suitable for your diamond shaped face. For those loving front fringes, it is the great hairstyle. It is necessary to style your bangs in a feathered way as it will not conceal your forehead. You also can combine this style with a ponytail or a braid.

The lob hairstyle

This is an amazing chin length hairstyle that flatters your face shape. It is the lob. This hairstyle has the role of softening your jawline as you keep the length below the chin. Tucking one side of your hair behind your ear also is another tip to boost your look.

Above are 4 gorgeous hairstyles which are great to enhance the diamond shaped face girls’ look. Consider and apply these styles combining some hair extensions to promote your hair beauty. Besides, to get the best result with hair extensions, it is vital to use the reliable ones. You can try Apohair’ s hair extensions for help. Working as a prestigious Vietnamese hair extensions brand, Apohair is so proud to supply high-quality products which are 100% natural and virgin Vietnamese hair to all customers around the world. Therefore, you can rest your mind and apply Apohair to be stunning all the time!

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