Imagine you have been desperately wanted to have hair extensions for years and just decide to bite the bullet. However, as soon as you got them done, the extensions entangled and started shedding everywhere. What a waste huh? Well, then you’re lucky because we are here to help you pick up some serious tips for lifelong extensions and make sure to get value for the money you’ve spent. To ensure a high-maintenance hair, you have to remember to understand and get an upkeep routine for both real human and synthetic hair. That’s why at APO Hair, we also offer tips for how to properly care for your hair extensions. Keep reading to learn all the tips we picked up below.

#1 Washing Hair

In order to have long-lived hair extensions, wash your hair thoroughly. You don’t have to wash your hair every day, just 1-2 times per week would do. In fact, over-washing is bad for both of your natural hair and your extensions (it will dry out the extensions). So try to avoid unneeded washes as much as possible by using dry shampoo.

It’s quite important that you choose an organic or extensions friendly shampoo. Unless you want your hair to be adversely damaged and the bonds to be corroded, then get rid of any type of shampoo with sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) right away! Be sure to check on all the ingredients when you are buying shampoo – choose sulfate-free and alcohol-free products only. If you are still wondering, then again, products that contain substances like SLS, Ethanol, Propanol, Isopropyl, etc. will strip off the hair’s natural oil and make it easier to get tangled, thus shorten the lifespan of your extensions. You should also do the same to your conditioner.

A side note is that never use conditioner for the roots as you may unravel the bonds over time. So make sure to apply conditioner on the ends only.

#2 Drying Hair

Heat is one of the main factors causing damages to your hair, so try to minimize heat styling when unnecessary. After washing, let your hair dry almost completely before using hairdryers. Blow drying your hair on the cool setting so that your hair can remain shined and smooth. You can leave the ends either dry or damp as you want, but always fully dry your roots bone.

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#3 Brushing

‘Be Gentle’ is the keyword when it comes to brushing extensions. Use a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair. These combs are designed specifically to use on hair extensions. They are unlikely to cause pulling, snagging or damage the wefts.

This step is actually affecting a lot to your extensions’ lifespan so pay great attention. First, stack all of the wefts on top of one another to gather all the hair. Gently brush out the extensions from the ends and work your way up to the root. This ritual will help reduce shedding and breakage. Mark that never brush wet extensions because it is the most susceptible to breakage when extensions are wet. You may wash your hair before washing or after drying it.

#4 Sleeping

Just as important as removing makeup before going to sleep, you want to remove your clip-in before getting into your dreams as well. Sleeping on hair extensions can cause them tangling and matting. Should you be having sewn-in extensions, try wearing a sleeping cap or just simply braid your hair to avoid tear and pull while you’re asleep.

#5 Moisturizing

Most hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair, dehydration is a normal occurrence to your extensions just like your personal hair. This may happen because of dryness, heat, friction, or weather extremes. Whatever the reason might be, bear in mind that your extensions need constant moisturizing. Sewn-in hair can get moisture from the natural oil from your scalp, clip-in hair will have to be taken care of differently. Products like leave-in conditioner or jojoba oil hair masque should be in your shopping list now if you’re not having one. Nonetheless, don’t use them too much or your hair would become very greasy.

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So what products can we actually use? Well, as we said before, you will want to buy some sulfate or alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner. Other than that we have hair mask, hair serum and so on, should also silicone and alcohol-free. We highly recommend products made of jojoba oil as it both moisturizes and strengthens your hair’s hydro-lipid layer. Apart from that we also need dry shampoo to keep your hair clean when not able to wash it and heat protectant. Heat protectants are evitable when you style your extensions with heat or using heat tools on hair. Once your hair gets damaged by the heat, it will no longer be able to receive the oils and nutrients it needs.

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