Hair Inch Chart – Easy Way To Help You Have The Right Length of Hair

When having the intention of changing your current hairstyle or purchasing hair extensions, there are many factors you need to consider. Which type of hair extensions? What is their texture? And especially, how long are they?

In my opinion, choosing the right length size may be the most important element that brings you the real beauty of a hairstyle. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle, natural enhancement or a dramatic transformation, the hair inch chart will be your invaluable tool in making the right choice. Keep scrolling down for the details of the hair inch chart.

Hair inch chart – Easy way to help you have the right length of hair
Hair inch chart – Easy way to help you have the right length of hair

What to Consider Before Choosing a Hair Length

Face Shape

The length of your hair can accentuate or soften certain facial attributes. For example, if you have a round, longer hair can create the illusion of length, while shorter styles can emphasize the roundness. However, shorter hairstyles often suit individuals with oval or heart-shaped faces. Similarly, individuals with square or angular faces may opt for softer layers or waves to soften their features.  Different hair lengths can complement or enhance specific face shapes. Consider your face shape and how different hair lengths can accentuate your features.

Choosing hair length depends on face shape
Choosing hair length depends on face shape

Lifestyle and Maintenance

Think about your daily routine and the level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to as different hair lengths require varying degrees of care. Shorter haircuts often demand less time and effort for styling and maintenance, making them ideal for individuals with a busy schedule or those who prefer a fuss-free look. On the other hand, longer hair may require more frequent washing, conditioning, and styling sessions to keep it healthy and manageable.

Lifestyle and maintenance affect your hair length
Lifestyle and maintenance affect your hair length

Consider Hair Texture

The natural texture of your hair plays an important role in determining which length will work best for you. Straight, beautiful hair is suitable for all lengths, however, it can look fuller and thicker when cut shorter. While thick or curly hair may need to be longer to avoid excessive volume or frizz. Consider how your hair texture interacts with different lengths and choose accordingly.

Hair texture and your hair length chart
Hair texture and your hair length chart

Personal Style

Visualize your personal style and the image you want to present with your new hair length. Short hairstyles can give a bolder and edgier feel, while longer hairstyles can give a softer and more romantic look. Medium hair is easy to style and suitable for active, fresh girls. Suppose you have an active lifestyle or are regularly involved in physical activities.

Hair length chart related to personal style
Hair length chart is related to personal style

In that case, shorter hair may be more practical as they are less likely to get in the way or require excessive maintenance. If you are in an office environment or attend events, longer hair looks more luxurious and attractive. Typically, you will have to cut a half inch of hair each month. Think about your fashion, career, and overall aesthetic choices to ensure that the length of your hair matches the image you desire.


Assess the flexibility of different hair length chart. Longer hair offers more styling options like updos, braids, waves, ponytails and other complex hairstyles. Shorter haircuts can limit your hairstyle options, but they can still be flexible in adapting to different occasions and adding variety through accessories, especially hair extensions.


Specific Hair Inch Chart For Hair Extensions

Hair inch chart is divided into three main groups which are short hair, medium hair and long hair. This detailed chart provides a range of options to help you visualize and select the perfect hair inches for your desired style, including versatile choices from short to long.  You can use our hair inch chart below to get any length among these options, , from 6 inches of hair to longer lengths that capture your imagination

Short hair

  • 6 Inch Hair: Customers order 6 inch hair extensions for impressive short hairstyles with weaves, clip in, keratin hair, etc.
  • 8 Inch Hair:  Chin length hair will look longer and thicker with 8 inch hair weaves.
  • 10 Inch Hair: tape in hair, weave hair or wig is approximately 25 centimeters in length so it is suitable for short or bob hairstyles.
  • 12 Inch Hair:  Natural hair length that reaches the chin or longer will be transformed into shoulder-length hair with clip-ins, weave hair, etc.

Medium hair

  • 14 Inch Hair: 14 inch hair weaves, tape, clip-ins are very popular and often chosen by girls who want to have medium hair.
  • 16 Inch Hair: 16 inch keratin hair, clip in hair, etc can transform short hairstyles into hair that extends past the collar bone.
  • 18 Inch Hair: these weave hair, lace frontal, wig hair for girls who want the length of hair extensions to reach the middle of your back or a bit shorter.
  • 20 Inch Hair: Natural hair length that reaches the collar bone can be transformed into hair that extends to the middle of the back with 20 inch clip-ins.
  • 22 Inch Hair: Hair can reach your rib so applying tape hair, lace closure, keratin hair, etc. are very suitable for girls with soft character.
Hair inch chart is divided into three main groups which are short hair, medium hair and long hair
Hair inch chart is divided into three main groups which are short hair, medium hair and long hair

Long hair

  • 24 Inch Hair: A 24 inch wig can reach over your rib, even reach your waist if you are not too tall.
  • 26 Inch Hair: With this impressive length, 26 inch weaves, clip-ins or wigs hair extensions can reach the waist of a girl with the standard body.
  • 28 Inch Hair: If you wear a wig with this length, these hair extensions can reach to your waist, even over if your body is not too tall.
  • 30 Inch Hair: Beautiful, long and smooth 30 inch clip-ins, tape, lace frontal hair extensions can give your hair an ideal length that can reach your hip.
  • 32 Inch Hair: These longest hair extensions can reach to your behind.  The length of 80 cm hair weaves, clip ins, wigs will actually make you surprised.
Hair length chart for long hair
Hair length chart for long hair

The Importance Of Understanding Your Hair Length And Type

In fact, your hair type plays a huge role in your hair length—or at least how long it appears to be. Let me help you be clear, there’s a simple logic behind this – think of a long piece of ribbon. If you hold that ribbon straight, you’ll easily see its length in its entirety. However, if you roll, ball, or fold that same ribbon, it’ll appear shorter, even though the actual length of the ribbon hasn’t changed. The same concept will appear with your hair.

Before using hair inch chart, you need to understand your hair length and type. If you have straight hair, your hair will be seen with its actual length. The reason is there are no kinks or bends in your mane, resulting in strands that hang long. For example, if you have 12 inches of length, your hair will likely fall just past your shoulders.

Hair length chart based on hair style
Hair length charts help to keep track of how the hair is growing

If you have wavy hair, your hair may appear a tad shorter than it actually is. This is because you have a bit of a bend to your hair texture. So, if you have 12 inches of length, you’ll generally have a shoulder-length mane.

If you have curly hair, your hair will appear an inch or two shorter than it actually is because you have tighter kinks and coils throughout your mane. This means that if you have 12 inches of hair length, your hair will fall about an inch or two above your shoulders.

How To Measure The Length

To make use of hair inch chart, you need to measure the hair length. Remember that the way you measure your hair extensions will depend on the kind of extension you have. If you are using the curly or wavy textures, you won’t measure it the same way you would with straight hair.

So, if you want to get the exact measurement, it’s best to do these following steps before you attach the hair on your head:

  • Lay out the hair on the table or set it on a wig stand. Keep it as straight as it can.
  • Take the tape measure to measure the hair.

Hair Inch Chart In Reality

Our hair inch chart will make what we explained above an easy way to understand. You can refer a hair inch chart to get an idea of how a certain hair length will look with your hair texture. In this way, when you get a haircut and say you want an accurate number of inches cut, you’ll have a better idea of what you will do and what that will actually look like. No more bad haircut anymore!!!

Apohair sells 100% human hair extensions
Apohair sells 100% human hair extensions

At Apohair, we sell 100% human hair extensions that are always available for you to choose in any length size from 6-32 inches. If you want to have high-quality hair extensions, visit our website for details.

Long Hair

I believe that this length size is the kind that not many people know clear about.

For an easy description, you have long hair when you have hair that reaches your armpit and beyond. While long hair is very beautiful, not many people can manage to have it.

For those who know how to manage the hair, you can enjoy the benefit of owning the long hair. Those girls will be amongst the few trending ones.

Collarbone length

If you have the hair that fall at the collarbone, that is still considered as long hair. In this case, when your hair is just falling on the collarbone, this is a great length because you can have different hairstyles you wish to try. Collarbone length hair offers a versatile canvas for various looks, allowing you to experiment with charming updos, elegant braids, or even a sleek straightened appearance. You can have the great layers on your hair as well.

Collarbone length hair
Collarbone length hair

Armpit length

The armpit length of hair is a term we use to call medium long hair. When you have the length of hair that fall at mid-back that is now called very long hair.

Bra strap length

With this length, your hair will reach on the strap. The bra strap length should be slightly below the armpit length. Whether you are using the hair extension or your natural hair, having a good hair care of this hair isn’t easy.

Waist length

You could also have hair extension that their length size can reach your waist. With such hair length, you will make people turn heads. But, keep in mind that the amount of care you must give the hair is incredible much.

Waist length hair
Waist length hair

Even longer hair

You can have the combination of both natural and hair extensions to make your hair longer than ever. Doing that, you can have the butt length hair and even longer hair. Such hair is often straight hair. Especially, you can also have hip length hair and tailbone hair but such hair length size is quite rare.

Notice: Keep in mind that there will be a difference in the hair length based on your height. For example, butt hair length of small people is just mid back length of the taller ones.

What Do You Consider Medium Length?

This is the type of hair length that falls between the collarbone and just the top of the shoulders. In the past, this was another length size that people passed just to grow their hair to even greater lengths.

Today we can see many celebrities buying hair extensions that come to this length. They also make a cut for the same length of hair.

The best benefit of this hair is that it looks sexy. In addition, it also allows you to style it in different methods. You can even make the high updos.

Neck length

This is the most popular hair length because it flatters most faces. It’s also considered as the most women’s natural hair length. The hair of this length has a cutting line between your chin and the shoulder. Most people take advantage to wear a bob style.

Note that it looks good when you are wearing straight hair though.

Shoulder length

If you want to have just a little bit long hair, you should buy the hair with this length. I feel like this style allows you to even tie it to a ponytail. In fact, there’s no updo style you can’t do with this style. More so you can even wear the style down.

Shoulder length hair
Shoulder length hair

The Short Lengths

Now just begin from the name, this is simply the short hair. It suits ladies who are in their mid-ages and older women as well. For most women who want or go to get short hair, getting the right hairstyle is never easy.

Ear lengths

Look at this hairstyle, we can just say that this is one of the shortest lengths of hair you can ever have. The hair simply reaches your ears. They can go to the length of the ear lobe or just the top of your ears. Before buying such hair extensions, you need to be sure that it will look good on you though.

Ear length hair
Ear length hair

Chin length

This is a classic look that looks stylish. We may like this because we can wear different bob styles.

Hope this article will help you have a perfect decision about the length of your hair extensions. If you have any related questions about this topic, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below. For an extensive selection of hair extensions and expert hair care advice, visit Apohair website. Thank you for your attention.

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