We all know that there are many types of hair named straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and so on. While almost women in Asia have dark brown straight hair, almost African women’s hair is black curly hair. Each kind of hair has its own beauty and also some inconvenience.

It is considered that Asian hair is easy to be greasy while African black curly hair is less moisturized. Because black curly hair is about all the twists and turns, it can be fragile and delicate. Moreover, due to the curvy texture, the natural oils produced by the scalp to soften and protect strands have a harder time traveling from top to bottom. Therefore, it usually has low levels of moisture. However, these features also make some uncomfortable issues. Apohair now wants to help you understand more about what people with curly hair often have to suffer. Also, we are going to give you some tips when there are some hair care problems relating to curly hair.


This is considered as a very first problem people with curly hair have to suffer. The low moisture in hair makes it fragile and of course leading to breakage. Many people have to suffer from this issue and get discouraged or think their curls grow more slowly than others. To get rid of breakage, you need to take care of your curly hair well. It is important to make sure your curls are hydrated and well moisturized. A good conditioner will work for your curls. Remember that the better you care for hair, the less breakage you get.



Another curly hair problem is shedding. You find a lot of hair strands on your pillow every morning after getting up. You find a lot of shedding in the shower during wash days. Although this is a common issue of curly hair, you still can reduce it by choosing the right shampoo and conditioner and taking care of hair well.


If your curls are not taken care of well, they are easy to be tangled. Even worse, the hair knots will be created, which leads to breakage. Therefore, it is important to apply a suitable hair care routine for your curly hair.


Your curly hair also has to suffer from splits. When you break a piece of hair, that strand will easily split into two. This makes hair strands weaker and leads to frizz and tangled hair. However, do not worry, there is a solution for this. It is a regular trim. This will reduce splits issue and promote your hair growth.

About curly hair in Apohair

If you are looking for a reliable hair extensions brand, Apohair is an ideal choice. This Vietnamese hair extensions brand commits to supply high-quality extensions of products from 100% natural hair. You can be spoilt for choice with a variety of hair types and hair lengths.

Weft curly light brown hair of Apohair

All hair used to make Apohair’s products are from 100% Vietnamese human Remy hair. Apohair supplies a wide range of hair extensions in curly texture. You have lots of options such as weft hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tip hair extensions, lace closure, lace frontal and wigs hair.

Curly hair in Apohair’s product is divided into many typical textures. It can be romantic curly, kinky curly, deep curly or loose curly. Depending on your own preference, you will choose a curly hairstyle which matches you most.

Above are some hair problems women with curly hair may suffer. Although these are common issues, you can avoid if your curly hair is taken care of well. Hair care is important, however; you can also boost your hair look with the help of hair extensions. Let Apohair with you to have fabulous and stunning curly hairstyles. Apohair hopes that through this blog post, you will understand more about curly hair as well as find the way to take care of your curly hair in the best way.