Weave Length Chart: Tips For The Exactly Weave Length

When deciding to purchase any weave hair extensions, there are many factors you need to consider: Color, shade, style, texture,… And hair length may be one of the most important you should remember. Each type of weave hair with different lengths will bring you a completely new appearance. To help you avoid misconceptions, we’d like to share our experience with the weave length chart. Keep scrolling for more!
Weave Length Chart

Know The Texture Of Your Weave

The length of straight weave will different from that of curly or wavy weave. Basically, the texture of your weave plays an important role in its length or at least how long it appears to be. If you aren’t clear, think of a long piece of ribbon, there’s simple logic behind this. If you hold that ribbon straight, you’ll easily see its length in its entirety. However, if you roll, ball, or fold that same ribbon, it’ll appear shorter, even though the actual length of the ribbon hasn’t changed. The same concept will appear with your weave. Referring to a hair weave length chart can aid in comprehending this difference.

The texture of weave
The texture of weave
  • If you have straight weave…your hair will be seen with its actual length. The reason is there are no kinks or bends in your mane, resulting in strands that hang long. For example, if you have weave with 12 inches-long, it will likely fall just past your shoulders. Consulting a weave chart can help visualize this length.
  • If you have wavy weave…your hair may appear a tad shorter than it actually is. This is because you have a bit of a bend to your hair texture. So, if you have 12 inches of length, you’ll generally have a shoulder-length mane.
  • If you have curly weave…your hair will appear an inch or two shorter than it actually is because you have tighter kinks and coils throughout your mane. This means that if you have 12 inches weave length, your hair will fall about an inch or two above your shoulders.

How To Measure The Length

Remember that the way you measure your hair extensions will depend on kind of extensions you have. If you are using the curly or wavy textures, you won’t measure it the same way you would with straight hair.

So, if you want to get the exact measurement, it’s best to do these following steps before you attach the hair on your head:
  • Lay out the hair on the table or set it on a wig stand. Keep it as straight as it can.
  • Take the tape measure to measure the hair.
Mesure the weave length
Mesure the weave length

At Apohair, we have many types of weave that are exactly measured. In addition, they are all made of 100% human hair, without any chemicals and synthetic hair. If you’re looking for specific weave inches, our weave inches chart provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the varying lengths of our products. If you are interested, visit our website for more.

Specific Hair Weave Length Chart 

Short Weave Length Chart

  • 6 Inch Weave: Customers order 6 inch hair extensions for impressive short hair styles with weaves.
  • 8 Inch Weave: Chin length hair will look longer and thicker with 8 inch hair weaves.
  • 10 Inch Weave: This weave hair or wig is approximately 25 centimeters in length so it is suitable for short or bob hairstyles.
  • 12 Inch Weave: Natural hair length that reaches the chin or longer will be transformed into shoulder length hair.
Short weave
Short weave

Medium Weave Length Chart 

  • 14 Inch Weave: This weave hair length is very popular and often chosen by girls who want to have medium hair.
  • 16 Inch Weave: 16 weave hair inches can transform short hairstyles into hair that extends past the collar bone.
  • 18 Inch Weave: these weave hair are suitable for girls who want the length of hair extensions to reach the middle of your back or a bit shorter.
  • 20 Inch Weave: Natural hair length that reaches the collar bone can be transformed into hair that extends to the middle of the back.
  • 22 Inch Weave:  This weave hair length can reach your rib and is very suitable for girls with soft character.
Medium weave
Medium weave

Long Weave Length Chart 

  • 24 Inch Weave: A 24 inch weave can reach over your rib, even reach your waist if you are not too tall.
  • 26 Inch Weave: With this impressive length, 26 inch weaves hair extensions can reach the waist of a girl with the standard body.
  • 28 Inch Weave: If you wear a weave with this length, these hair extensions can reach to your waist, even over if your body is not too tall.
  • 30 Inch Weave: Beautiful, long and smooth 30 inch weave hair extensions can give your hair an ideal length which can reach your hip.
  • 32 Inch Weave: These longest weave hair extensions can reach to your behind.  The length of 80 cm hair weaves will actually make you surprised.
Long weave
Long weave


What do you think about the weave length chart above? Have you found it useful in determining the ideal weave inches for your preferences? By utilizing the weave hair length chart, we hope it will help you have the perfect weave that suits your needs. Thank you for reading our article!!!

With Apohair’s premium quality and diverse selection of weave hair extensions, you can achieve the luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t wait any longer, embrace the magic of weave extensions and fall in love with your radiant new look today! We are also the best choice for distributors looking for reliable wholesale hair vendors.

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