At Apohair, we offer a range of hair extensions and wig products to suit different preferences and needs. Currently, we have 2 types of hair quality, namely: Standard and Luxury. Both of them are made from 100% high-quality human hair.

1. Standard hair

Standard hair has small, soft and natural hair strands. Standard hair is of high quality with the fine characteristics of raw human hair.  However, they will be a little weaker and easier to ruffle after being washed when compared to Luxury hair.

Our Standard products include four types: SA (Single drawn quality type 1), SA+ (Single drawn quality type 2), SA++ (Double Drawn hair quality), and SA+++ (Super Double Drawn hair quality), each with a varying level of tail thickness or ratio of short hair in each bundle.

standard hair

If you’re looking for a moderate tail thickness, SA may be the right choice for you. If you prefer a slightly thicker tail, SA+ could be a good option. For those who want a thicker tail and a higher ratio of short hair in each bundle, SA++ and SA+++ are available.

2. Luxury hair

Luxury hair has the advantage of strong, larger hair strands with almost no fluff and no frizzy. Luxury hair is the perfect option for those who search for premium hair extensions. The greatest thing about Luxury hair is it allows you to bleach and dye easily. You can go blonde with the right shade you want, which you may not do with your natural hair and other types of hair quality. 

Unlike Standard hair, which is preferably used for dying into a darker shade, Luxury hair can be easily colored into a light shade. This means you are not limited to what color you can try with our Luxury hair. 

Currently, Luxury hair products come in 2 sub-standards, namely LA2+ and LA3+. The difference between these two sub-standards is the thickness of the hair ends. 

luxury hair

So, it’s important to note that the quality and durability of our hair extensions and wig products are always a top priority. We use only high-quality hair and employ the latest techniques to ensure that our products are comfortable, secure, and long-lasting. Additionally, we offer care instructions and advice to help you maintain your new look for as long as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a dramatic new look, Apohair has the hair extension or weave product to suit your needs. Explore our range of products today and find the perfect match for your hair type and style!