Hairline – Hair breaking off at hairline: Cause and How to prevent

There are many problems related to hair in general and hair care in particular. The problem may be serious or not to some extent but we believe that hair breaking off around hairline is never an interesting experience for both men and women. Do not skip this article as we are going to gather right now some relevant information on the possible causes and remedies for the problem. Through the post, we hope that you can be able to determine “How to prevent hair breaking off at hairline”?

What is the hairline?

Firstly, we would like to make clear the definition of a hairline? We may have heard about this concept many times but we admit that there are some moments we also forget how to describe it in the most exact way.

A hairline refers to the edge of a person’s hair, especially on the forehead. In other words, you can understand a hairline as a line of hair follicles that make up the outside edges of your hair.

what is hairline

Does everybody have a hairline?

It is common that people with a low hairline typically have a hairline that is closer to their eyebrows. Actually, there is no standard to measure how low your hairline is because of the fact that everyone is different. Basically, if you find out that your hairline falls a few inches above your eyebrows, it is considered to be low.

What is hair breaking off at hairline?

Hair breaking off at hairline, as its own name, is a phenomenon in which, for many reasons, hair begins to break down at the hairline. Once you see your hair falling out, you will be upset and we believe that. In fact, mild to moderate hair fall is considered to be natural and also not an alarming issue. It is supposed that on average, your scalp loses as many as 100 hair strands per day and this loss is gradually replaced with new hair growth. However, things become bad when hair breaking off at hairline happens at a faster rate than the rate of growth of new hair. What’s worse, hair breaking off at hairline bothers you due to the fact that thinning hair in this part of the scalp is easily visible.

What are the main causes of hair breaking off at hairline?

Tight hairstyle

The very first reason we mention here is tight hairstyles. We do not deny the beauty that some hairstyles such as braids, buns or ponytails have brought us. However, these tight and complicated hairstyles put a lot of stress on the hair roots near the hairline as the hair is pulled away from the scalp.

We may think about it quite simple but this actually causes a lot of damage to the hair follicles present in the area and prevent normal hair growth. It is also called traction alopecia. In addition, excessive pulling of wet hair while brushing can weaken the hair roots and cause breakage.

tight hairstyles break hairline

Too much use of hair relaxer

Hair breaking off at hairline can also be the result of using a hair relaxer. Those with curly hair usually suffer from hair loss after using hair relaxers for relaxing their natural curls. The damage here is caused by harsh chemicals present in the hair relaxer. Hair breaking off at hairline happens when heat from hairdryers or curling irons weaken the hair roots along the hairline.

Pattern baldness

It can also due to pattern baldness that causes hair breaking off at hairline. This is a hereditary condition where the hair roots become weaker after every growth cycle. As a result, you get a receding hairline that creates a bald spot at the front part of the scalp. Especially, if any of your family members get pattern baldness then you may also get it too.

Physical and emotional stress

Stress breaks hairline

Physical and emotional stress are two more factors that negatively affect normal hair growth cycle. This is a temporary condition that created receding hairline and is also known as telogen effluvium.

Hormonal imbalance

Hair breaking off at hairline could also be due to hormonal imbalance triggered by pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause and so on. Other causes of hair loss include autoimmune diseases where the immune system attacks the healthy hair follicles, scalp infection, poor nutrition, side effects of medicines, etc.

How to prevent hair breaking off at hairline?

This is exactly what we want to share most today. Almost all of you know that there are many types of medicines for treating the problem of hair breaking off at hairline. Some of them are known as topical and others require oral administration. However, these methods do not bring positive results for everyone and some of them can even get side effects. In another circumstance, some treatments like hair transplants are expensive and give a lot of pain. That’s why people have more tendency of using natural treatment to prevent hair breaking off at hairline. Five tips below hope to be useful for you, our beloved readers.

Avoid applying heat on your hair

We highly recommend that you should not use a hair dryer to dry the hair after a shower. However quickly it could help your hair be, dry hair at high temperature is never considered to be good. The best option is air drying. This is an effective way to stop hair breaking off at hairline.

Keep your hair away from harsh chemicals

keep hair away from harsh chemical

Harsh chemicals are not good but in fact, these exist in many different hair devices such as hair relaxers or hair color dyes. It is vital that you stop using them as long as you have brittle hair which breaks off easily.

Keep your hair untied

Many people would like to tie their hair as this brings them a comfortable feeling. Actually, you should lower the level of tying your hair. Try to keep your hair in untied condition as much as possible. This will help ease off the unnecessary stress from the hair follicle around the hairline, preventing much hair from breaking off at the hairline.

Hot oil treatment

Applying hot oil treatment once or twice a week can also be a good way to prevent hair breakage. Here, you can take a few teaspoons of virgin coconut or olive oil in a bowl and heat it in a microwave. After that, start to massage it well into the scalp and hair roots with special attention to the hairline area. Next, cover up your head with a shower cap and wait in about an hour. Wash the hair off with a good quality shampoo and apply conditioner.

hot oil treament

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Somewhere, you may find out other tips that help prevent or reduce hair breaking off at hairline. If you do not hesitate, share with us what you know and it would be our great honor to get the best information from you. APOHAIR’s staff are always here to listen to you and support you in the shortest time.

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